About Tadano

Contribution to Society

The Tadano Group strives to contribute to society through social contributions which only Tadano is capable of, led by the Group's corporate philosophy of "Creation, Contribution, and Cooperation".

Moai Restoration Project

"If we had a crane, we could right the moai statues." Those words set in motion the Moai Restoration Project, which, since it began in 1991, has raised 15 fallen moai statues. Tadano has maintained its relationship with Easter Island, donating another crane in 2005. In 2010 Tadano presented the Chilean government with products in order to support its earthquake recovery efforts.

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Technical Cooperation with the Disassembly of the Takamatsuzuka Tomb

In 2007, the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties and Tobishima Corporation, who Tadano had worked with on the Moai Restoration Project, requested Tadano's assistance in the disassembly of the Takamatsuzuka Tomb's stone chamber. Tadano provided technical cooperation by developing a disassembly jig which could be used to hold and lift only the outer edges of the brittle stones.

Donation of Equipment for the Restoration of Angkor Wat

In 2008, as part of our 60th anniversary initiatives, we donated 3 of our machines for use by the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties project to survey and restore Cambodia's Angkor Wat. They have been principally used in the study and restoration of Western Prasat Top, which had been damaged particularly severely.

Participation in the 'Wind Challenger Project (Phase One)'

The 'Wind Challenger Project' is a joint industrial/academic research project to design a hybrid ship which will make maximum use of wind power. Tadano Ltd. participated in Phase One (September 2010 to October 2017) of this project, researching in collaboration with Tokyo University, shipping companies and ship-building companies.
The telescopic spur (a device used to extend and retract the rigid wing sails) that Tadano Ltd. was in charge of developing will be put into application in Phase Two of the project which will investigate implementation.

Blood Donations and Training for Nursing Students

As a supporter of the Japanese Red Cross Society, our staff actively participate in blood donations organized on-site at our workplace.
Our occupational health nurses also provide a practicum program on-site at Tadano Ltd. to around one hundred nursing students from local universities and vocational schools each year.