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Organization of the Moai Restoration Committee

TADANO modified the crane in a way to fit the navy ship.
At the same time, we formed the Moai Restoration Committee(Chairman: KAKITI SUZUKI, former Head of Nara National Cultural Properties Research Institute)staffed mainly by archaeologists in February 1992. The committee was asked to coordinate restoration and reconstruction of the Moai statues.
The Chilean government also established the "Ahu Tongariki Reconstruction Committee" (Chairman: Oscar Pinochet De la Barra). Kanekatu Inokuma(Chief advisor of Nara National Cultural Properties Research Institute) joined it as a Japanese representative.
Supported by both committees, the Ahu Tongariki restoration and reconstruction plan was presented to and finally approved by the Chilean National Ruins Council.
In June, the crane (50-ton lifting capacity), materials for restoration and excavation, etc. were shipped to the port of Balparaiso, Chile, from Kobe.(All materials were donated after use.)