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History of the Moai Restoration Project

1988November A message of the former Governor of Easter Island was aired on a Japanese television,"If we had a crane, we could raise up the Moai statues."
1990October TADANO staff visited the Chilean Embassy in Japan.
1991April TADANO fabricated an imitation Moai statue and carried out lifting tests. (a full-scale mockup of 4 meters high and 11 tons of weight)
1991October TADANO formed a survey mission and made the first field investigation.
1992February TADANO organaized the Moai Restoration Committee in Nara.
(Chairman:Rikichi Suzuki, former Head of National Cultural Assets Research Office of Nara)
1992April Japanese and Chilean archaeologists jointly carried out a scientific investigation of Easter Island.
1992August TADANO received permission from the Chilean National Council of Ruins concerning the excavation of Ahu Tongariki.
1992September A crane, rebuilding materials and machines for excavation were transported to Easter Island
(all of which were presented to the Chilean Government. after use)
1992October An excavation and research was started at Easter Island,under the guidance of archaeologists and specialists gathering from five nations in the world.
(TADANO staff taught local men of Easter Island how to operate the mobile crane.)
1993March President of TADANO visited Easter Island and Chile.
Received an award of "Bernard O'Higgins" en el Grando de Comendador.
the middle of March The excavation and research was almost completed (an area of about one thousand square meters),
and the restoration of Ahu (the alter) began.
the beginning of May TADANO made an interim report of this project to the Japanese Archaeological Organization.
the end of July The restoration of Ahu was almost finished. (a 98-meter-long, 6-meter-wide and 3 or 4-meter-high alter)
the middle of August Two Moai statues were restored to their original state
(5.8-meter-high, 42-ton-weight)
TADANO staff instructed the local men of Easter Island how to rebuild a Moai statues to their original state.
1995May The ruins of Ahu Tongariki were completely repaired and restored to their original state.
The body part of the Moai statues, which had been knocked down and decaying, were pieced together using special resins. After that, 15 Moai statues were restored to their original state.
1996September Completed the stone masonry work of the alter on both sides (50 meters each)
1996October A Moai statue stands on Megi Island(Japan)