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Tadano's Crane Donation to Easter Island

Later event

2003November An Email reached our Website asking for assistance to the repair of a broken down crane.
2004May Tadano dispatched an engineer team to investigate the present status of the crane.
November Tadano staff visited the Chilean Embassy in Tokyo and offered donation another crane.
December Tadano received a letter of acceptance for the offer from the Chilean Ambassador to Japan.
2005September Japanese and Chilean archaeologists jointly carried out a scientific investigation of Easter Island.
(The said government exercises jurisdiction over Easter island.)
November The crane was loaded on board the ship, which then sailed for Chile.
2006January The crane arrived in the port of Valparaiso of Chile.
Tadano dispatched a staff team to arrange with the government agencies concerned about its delivery to the Chlean Navy.
March The crane arrived on Easter Island.
Tadano gave local staff guidance for crane operation, inspections and maintenance.
April Tadano president paid a visit to Easter Island.
A special ceremony to mark the donaton of the crane was held at Ahu Tongariki in the island.
June A commemorative plate was set up at Ahu Tongariki.