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Project planning with Tadano Group construction cranes is even easier when you use our BIM data.

You can now download BIM files from the BIMobject® platform for a selection of construction cranes in the Tadano Group lineup.
A registered BIMobject® account (free) is required to download the BIM file. BIM files are available in RFA format. Please visit the download page to see available versions.

Our BIM Data


What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that utilizes a database of digital products, allowing users to digitally model a building, and calculate the associated cost, material type, and other elements. BIM brings together the previously separated stages of design, construction, and management, and can be used throughout the whole building lifecycle.
And, unlike 3D CAD, BIM files can be used with a variety of software.

Instructions and Precautions

  • Please read and agree to the data provision service terms of use.
  • A registered BIMobject® account (free) is required to download a BIM file.
    BIMobject® is an online BIM object library, operated globally by Sweden-based company BIMobject AB.
    This platform is used by building and interior product manufacturers all over the world to develop, store, and publish digital products and data.
  • BIM files are available in Autodesk® Revit® Family File (.rfa) format.
  • For inquiries regarding our BIM files, please use our contact form and select "General" from the "Inquiry Type" menu.



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