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Toshiaki Ujiie President and CEO Tadano Ltd.202403.jpg

In 2023, the Tadano Group launched the EVOLT eGR-250N, the world's first fully electric rough terrain crane. It took five years from conception to commercialization, but it represents a major step forward toward decarbonization.
This year, we also plan to launch an electric rough terrain crane for the North American market.

In terms of products, we will not only continue to provide the world with products that have zero environmental impact as "Tadano Green Solutions," but also aim to achieve the Tadano Group's Environmental Targets by leading the industry in environmental initiatives in preparation for the realization of a decarbonized society and future changes in construction sites. In addition, the environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is facing numerous challenges, such as global inflation and labor shortage. We will take a new look at the environment we are in and establish an optimal production system by looking at it from the three angles of realizing globally optimal procurement, adopting a globally common production system, and establishing a globally optimal production system.

This year, we have formulated and launched the Tadano Group Mid-Term Management Plan (24-26), a new three-year mid-term management plan. Under the slogan of "Reaching new heights," we will promote strategies to provide new value as a leading company in the industry, taking into consideration the safety of our customers and the global environment. As the framework of our growth strategy, we will make group-wide efforts to (1) advance decarbonization, (2) venture into new areas, (3) manufacture reforms that leverage strengths, and (4) establish footholds to support transformation.

The Tadano Group will aim for "Pursuing Further Excellence for the World and the Future," by focusing on the cost of capital and stock price-conscious management and addressing sustainability issues, meeting the expectations of all stakeholders, and maximizing our corporate value.

We look forward to your continued understanding and support.

March 2024
Toshiaki Ujiie
President, CEO, and Representative Director
Tadano Ltd.



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