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Social Media Policy

Tadano Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tadano") hereby adopts and shall comply with this Social Media Policy concerning the operation of our official social media pages and participation in social media by the employees.

1. Purpose of Participation in Social Media

Tadano Ltd. seeks to disseminate information concerning the Tadano Group through social media in order to build better, long-term relationships with all stakeholders, including customers.

2. Stance Concerning Participation in Social Media

Tadano is fully aware that whilst social media is an effective form of communication, information that has been made public throughout the world via social media can never be completely erased. As such, Tadano engages in social media keeping the following in mind:

  • We will obey the Tadano Group CSR Charter and partake in sincere and wholesome communication, respecting the laws, customs and cultures of the countries and communities where we work.
  • We will ensure that personal information (customer information, business partner's details, etc.) and confidential information (product development, unreleased information, etc.) will not be disclosed under any circumstances.
  • We will value dialogue with all of our stakeholders, sincerely and proactively listening to diverse opinions, and promoting interactive communication.
  • In the event that misleading or false information is made public, we will apologize and correct the information.

3. A Message to Social Media Users

Information disseminated through social media by the employees of Tadano, does not always represent the official announcements and views of Tadano. For our official information, please refer to the official Tadano Ltd. website and news releases.

4. Prohibited Items

To ensure that everyone visiting our social media pages can have a positive experience, if Tadano finds any content or comments, including photos and videos, which fall into any of the following categories, Tadano shall reserve the right to remove the posts or messages or ban the users from our official social media pages without prior notification and without explanation:

  • Defamatory, abusive, threatening, violent, harassing, sexually explicit, or offensive to others
  • Discriminatory, political or religious
  • Unlawful, false, fraudulent or misleading 
  • Infringes or may infringe third party intellectual property, privacy, or publicity rights 
  • Unlawful or encourages illegal activity
  • Promotional information, including links to third parties or their products or services
  • Off topic or unrelated to our official social media content
  • Spam, corrupt or contains viruses
  • Any other content that Tadano considers to be inappropriate.

5. Inquiries

To make an inquiry regarding this policy, please contact us here.

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