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TADANO genuine hydraulic oil uses special additives in order to achieve the following.

  1. Matching with the oil seal materials (Oiliness improver to prevent cylinder squeal)
  2. Improving its winch and slewing brake performance (Friction modifier for wet clutches)
  3. Protecting inside of the hydraulic devices such as pumps, motors, valves, etc.

That means our genuine hydraulic oil provides long life (no sludge), fuel efficiency, and high lubrication.

High temperature oxidation testing (enclosed space)

Indiana stirring oxidation test JIS K 2514 compliant

[Testing conditions] Oil temperature: 165.5ºC (±5ºC) RPM: Approximately 1,300 rpm, Catalysts: Copper, iron Times: 48 hours, 96 hours

4 Features

1.  2 times long life and environmentally friendly

The combination of non-Zn (zinc) additives and specialized oxidization inhibitors helps significantly reduce the production of sludge* which can cause oil filter clogs and control valve malfunctions.
This makes it possible to extend the replacement interval by 2 times that of conventional Zn hydraulic oils. (According to Tadano comparisons) Doubling the replacement interval makes it possible to reduce the amount of waste hydraulic oil produced, which also makes this a more environmentally friendly hydraulic oil.

* A muddy product (sediment) which is produced in oil.

2.  Low fuel consumption for better environmentally friendliness

Greatly improves fuel consumption compared to the commercially available VG68 oil.

3.  More gradual temperature increases

Temperature rise are more gradual compared to commercially available VG68 oil, making Tadano Genuine Hydraulic Oil 46 more suitable for sustained work.

4.  Prevents wear and seizing of hydraulic equipment

Has superior heat resistance and also has sufficient oil film strength and extreme pressure performance for high loads, which allows it to protect control valves and other hydraulic equipment from wear and seizing resulting from metallic contact.

Test using actual machine
(Fuel consumption, Oil temperature rise)

How to Check
Test oil: TADANO Genuine Oil vs Market oil VG68

After this test, we checked fuel consumption and oil temperature rise.

  • Fuel Consumption

    TADANO Genuine Hydraulic Oil 46 has better fuel consumption than VG 68.

  • Change of Oil Temperature

    Temperature rise level of TADANO Genuine Hydraulic Oil 46 is smaller than market oil VG68.

Return Filter Replacement

Periodic replacement of filters maintains the high performance of hydraulic oil, so make sure to carry out periodic filter replacements as noted in operator's manuals.



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