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Mar. 24, 2015

Introducing a New 51t Capacity Rough Terrain Crane

Tadano Ltd. is launching a new rough terrain crane for overseas markets. The new GR-500EXL boasts a 51 metric ton capacity with a 42m 5-section boom, and it is available in right -hand drive and left-hand drive versions.

1. Product Concept

In response to customer requests, Tadano is introducing right-hand drive and left-hand drive versions of the same crane model for the very first time. In addition, Tadano has included a long boom, a compact carrier, improved drivability & safety, and environmentally friendly performance, as well as outstanding lifting performance, easy maintenance, and high performance at a great value in this new rough terrain crane.

2. Primary Features and Benefits

1) Your choice of right-hand drive or left-hand drive versions
Tadano has developed its first export model rough terrain crane model with right-hand drive and left-hand drive versions available on order. This allows customers to select whichever model fits their needs.

2) Longest Boom in its Class plus Jib
The 51 metric ton capacity, 42m 5-section boom is the longest boom available in its class. This boom length meets customers' needs for lifting loads to high and remote places.
Extra reach is provided by a 2-staged under slung jib that stows alongside the base boom section and features easy installation at confined jobsites.

3) Improved Carrier Mobility and Safety at Jobsite
By changing the elevating cylinder from the currently used long, single cylinder-design to a shorter twin cylinder-design in addition to moving the cabin position forward, visibility from the driver's seat has improved dramatically, making for a much safer operator experience while driving at the work site.

4) Compact Carrier
The GR-500EXL uses a compact carrier to minimize the setup space necessary at the jobsite. By reducing the length of the carrier, and making the counterweights heavier, we have been able to shorten the maximum extension width of outriggers. This allows the GR-500EXL the highest possible maximum crane capacity for confined jobsites in urban areas like Singapore.

5) Improved Maintainability
Tadano has improved the reliability of the GR-500EXL by using a more conventional engine (Euromot 2 level), improving the maintainability of each component and including various innovations for maintenance cost reduction, etc.

6) Environmentally Friendly Crane
We have equipped this model with Tadano's state-of-the-art fuel monitoring system, and "Eco-mode" which reduces fuel consumption when the crane is being operated.

7) Installation of HELLO-NET
Tadano has equipped this rough terrain crane with HELLO-NET, which is used to support our customers' efficient crane operations via computers or mobile devices. The customer can monitor crane activity, work history, machine position data, and maintenance information. Tadano offers advanced customer support with the HELLO-NET system.

3. Main Specifications

Specifications for Crane

Crane Capacity 51t x 2.5m
Max. Lifting Height Boom 42.4m
Jib 56.0m
Max. Load Radius Boom 35.6m
Jib 44.2m
Boom Length 11.1m~ 42.0m
Jib Length 8.0m/12.7m

Specifications for Carrier

Engine Model Mitsubishi 6M60-TL
Max. Output 200kW/2,600min.-1{rpm}
Max. Torque 785N・m/1,400min.-1{rpm}
Overall Length 13,390mm
Overall Width 2,960mm
Overall Height 3,865mm

4. Attachments:

1) GR-500EXL Brochure (Right-hand drive)

2) GR-500EXL Brochure (Left-hand drive)

3) GR-500EXL photos

Right-hand driver version:

Rough terrain crane GR-500EXL Right hand version Rough terrain crane GR-500EXL Right hand version

Left-hand drive version:

Rough terrain crane GR-500EXL Left hand version Rough terrain crane GR-500EXL Left hand version

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