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Oct. 14, 2016

Important Announcement Concerning Counterfeit Tadano Cranes

To all of our customers:

First of all, we would like to express our many thanks for your continued patronage of our product in your market.

Concerning the subject matter above, we would like to inform you that in recent years, a number of counterfeit Tadano products have been appearing on the market worldwide. They are mostly of a mix-and-match type being made up of parts of used Tadano machines and those of other manufactures and sold under the Tadano brand name.

Characteristic of the fake Tadano cranes which have so far been identified are as follows:
(1) model numbers not corresponding to our existing products (ex: GT-750E, TL-255E, TG-550E)
(2) Attachment of protuberance-likes dials(knobs) on the AML inside the crane cab (No dials are used in authentic Tadano products.)
(3) Fitting of a fake logo mark similar to ours.
Please be aware however, that the characteristics of these counterfeit Tadano cranes are not limited to the above items, and the possibility remains that different characteristics may appear in counterfeit cranes as time passes.

As these imitation machines have not met Tadano's quality and safety standards, there is concern that they may consequently lead to structural defects or operational malfunctions, which could result in serious accidents. So, we would advise you never to purchase or use such fake cranes.
In the event that defects, malfunctions or accidents arise in connection with the use of such counterfeit products, Tadano shall not be liable for such defects, malfunctions or accidents as well as for any consequences thereof.

If we find manufacturers of counterfeit Tadano cranes or their distributors, we will take strong action against them including legal actions, in addition to adopting necessary measures in concert with our industrial group concerned.

Please be aware of the existence of such imitation machines when purchasing used Tadano cranes. Should there be any worries or concerns, please contact your nearest authorized Tadano distributor.

Example of counterfeit crane cab interior:

Example of counterfeit crane cab interior

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