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Oct. 18, 2017

Introducing New Truck Crane Series

Tadano is unveiling its new truck crane series, the GT-750EL, GT-600EL, and GT-300EL. They boast respective maximum lifting capacities of 75 metric tons (GT-750EL), 60 metric tons (GT-600EL), and 30 metric tons (GT-300EL). Their boom measurements are 47.0 m, 43.0 m, and 34.0 m respectively. The GT-750EL and Gt-600EL will be introduced starting October 2017 and the GT-300EL will be introduced in spring 2018.

1. Product Concept
In the emerging markets, there is strong demand from customers for high-quality truck cranes with high lifting performance, the capacity to drive both on rough roads and at high-speed on highways, dependable safety devices, durability, and ease of maintenance. These customers prefer truck cranes that are "crafted in Japan" and provide good value throughout the life cycle of the crane including value for used cranes. Additionally, there is requirement in left-hand traffic countries for right-hand drive vehicles. To meet these requirements, Tadano is providing this new "crafted-in-Japan" quality, high performance, comfortable, and durable lineup of truck cranes with the option for either right-hand or left-hand drive.
(Right-hand drive models will be introduced in spring 2018.)

2. Primary Features and Benefits
1) Performance
These truck cranes have a strong and light high tensile steel rounded boom. The cranes have lifting heights of 47.3 m (GT-750EL), 43.4 m (GT-600EL), and 34.0 m (GT-300EL) and load radii of 40.0 m (GT-750EL), 34.0 m (GT-600EL), and 32.0 m (GT-300EL) .
Extra reach is provided by a 2-stage (9.0 m/14.3 m, 8.5 m/14.0 m) under slung jib which makes installation in narrow spaces simple and extends the lifting heights to 61.2 m (GT-750EL), 57.3 m (GT-600EL), and 48.0 m (GT-300EL) with load radii reaching 48.0 m (GT-750EL), 44.0 m (GT-600EL), 40.0 m (GT-300EL).

2) New Carriers with High Drivability
The new GT-750EL, GT-600EL, and GT-300EL have new carriers that provide drivability on rough road and high-speed travel on highways. They are equipped with leaf suspensions in front and rubber mounted suspensions, newly developed in collaboration with Hendrickson, in the rear. We performed many tests for high-speed travel and durability on rough road. The cranes are comfortable to drive with a convenient cruise control option, and they are easy to maintain. They also have a new cab, which contributes to driver safety through the introduction of an automatic transmission.

3) New Smart Chart System [for GT-750EL and GT-600EL]
With conventional cranes, outriggers extended to their maximum length provide uniform, circular rated load capacity footprints over 360° of slewing angle. However, thanks to Tadano's newly developed Smart Chart, a safety device and control system, the crane can achieve a square-shaped rated load capacity footprint, with extended "corners" over the rear outriggers that increases the load radius depending on the degree to which the outriggers are extended.

4) Good Fuel Economy
The GT-750EL, GT-600EL, and GT-300EL come equipped with Tadano's state-of-the-art fuel monitoring system; Eco-Mode, which reduces fuel consumption when the crane is being operated; and Positive Control, which reduces fuel consumption when the crane is on standby.

5) Installation of HELLO-NET for the First Time on a Truck Crane
Using HELLO-NET (Tadano's convenient telematics system), Customers can monitor their crane activity, work history, machine position data, and maintenance information with computers and mobile devices. Through this system, Tadano offers advanced customer support.

3. Crane Specifications

Max. Lifting Capacity 75 metric tons 60 metric tons 30 metric tons
Boom Length 12.0m - 47.0m 11.0m - 43.0 m 10.3m - 34.0m
Jib length 9.0m / 14.3m 9.0m / 14.3m 8.5m / 14.0m
Max. Lifting Height (Boom only) 47.3m 43.4m 34.0m
(Boom + Jib) 61.2m 57.3m 48.0m
Max. Working Radius (Boom only) 40.0m 34.0m 32.0m
(Boom + Jib) 48.0m 44.0m 40.0m

4. Carrier Specifications

Overall Length 14,180mm 13,140mm 12,620mm
Overall Width 2,800mm 2,800mm 2,550mm
Overall Height 3,740mm 3,780mm 3,800mm
Engine Daimler OM457LA
(EURO 3)
Daimler OM926LA
(EURO 3)
Maximum Output 260kW@1,900min-1 240kW@2,200min-1
Maximum Torque 1,850Nm@1,100min-1 1,300Nm@1,200-1600min-1
Maximum Traveling Speed 85Km/h

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6. New Tadano Truck Crane Series Video

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