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Feb. 28, 2017

New GR-1200XL/GR-1100EX Rough Terrain Crane to be Unveiled at CONEXPO 2017!

Tadano has extended its product range with the GR-1200XL/GR-1100EX, its largest 2-axle rough terrain crane. It boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 120 US tons (110 metric tons), and a boom measuring 183.7 ft (56.0m). The GR-1200XL will be unveiled to the public at the Conexpo 2017 construction trade show to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 7th -11th 2017.

1. Product Concept
This product is developed for industrial energy sites, especially in North America. Cranes used for construction and maintenance on these sites are required to have high maneuverability, durability, and lifting performance under tough conditions. In addition, there is a need for cranes in the 100 US ton - class to have higher reaching, longer boom lengths and larger lifting capacities. To meet these kinds of customer demands, Tadano has developed the GR-1200XL/1100EX to be both compact and high-performing.

2. Primary Features and Benefits
1) Performance
The GR-1200XL/GR-1100EX has the largest maximum lifting capacity in Tadano's 2-axle rough terrain crane product line.It has a strong and light high tensile steel rounded boom that features a single telescopic cylinder. The crane has a 184.0 ft (56.1m) lifting height and a 144.3 ft (44.0m) load radius.Extra reach is provided by a jib which extends the lifting height to 241.4 ft (73.6m), with a load radius reaching 153.8 ft (46.9m).

2) Compact Carrier and Maneuverability
The GR-1200XL has a compact carrier whose size is almost the same as Tadano's GR-1000XL. This compactness provides high maneuverability and easy transportability.

3) New Smart Chart System
With conventional cranes, outriggers extended to their maximum length provide uniform, circular rated load capacity footprint over 360° of slewing angle. However, thanks to Tadano's newly developed Smart Chart, a safety device and control system, the crane can achieve a square-shaped rated load capacity footprint, with extended "corners" over the outriggers that increase the load radius depending on the degree to which the outriggers are extended.

4) Environmentally Friendly Crane
The GR-1200XL comes equipped with Tadano's state-of-the-art fuel monitoring system; Eco-Mode, which reduces fuel consumption when the crane is being operated; and Positive control, which reduces fuel consumption when the crane is on standby.

5) Hello-Net
Using Hello-Net telematics, Customers can monitor their crane activity, work history, machine position data, and maintenance information with computers and mobile devices. Through this system, Tadano offers advanced customer support.

3. Crane Specifications

(For North & South America)
(For all other markets)
Max. Lifting Capacity 120 US tons 110 metric tons
Boom Length 39.4 ft - 183.7 ft 12.0 m - 56.0 m
Jib Length 33.2 ft / 58.1 ft 10.1 m / 17.7 m
Max. Lifting Height (Boom only) 184.0 ft 56.1 m
(Boom + Jib) 241.4 ft 73.6 m
Max. Working Radius (Boom only) 144.3 ft 44.0 m
(Boom + Jib) 153.8 ft 46.9 m

4. Dimensions(GR-1200XL, GR-1100EX)

Overall Length Approx. 47'4 - 7/8 ft (14,450 mm)
Overall Carrier Length Approx. 28'4 - 3/4 ft (8,655 mm)
Overall Width Approx. 10'10 - 1/2 ft (3,315 mm)
Overall Height Approx. 12'5 - 3/8 ft (3,795 mm)

5. Tadano Booth Information
Dates: March 7-11, 2017
Location: Gold Lot Booth 4137
Exhibited models
Rough Terrain Product Line:
・GR-1600XL (160 US ton)
・GR-1200XL (120 US ton) *New
・GR-1000XL (100 US ton)
・GR-150XL (15 US ton) *New

All Terrain Product Line:
・ATF 400G-6 (450 US ton)
・ATF 110G-5 (120 US ton) *New
・ATF 70G-4 (75 US ton) *New

Telescopic Boom Crawler Product Line:
・GTC-800 (88 US ton)
・GTC-600 (66 US ton) *New

6. Attachments: GR-1200XL/GR-1100EX Photos

Rough terrain crane GR-1200XL/1100EX Rough terrain crane GR-1200XL/1100EX

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