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Sep. 9, 2019

Kozai Plant Begins Full Production - Opening Ceremony -

As the Kozai Plant, our fifth plant in Japan, has begun full operation in August 2019, Tadano Ltd. held the opening ceremony on the 29th of the month when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our founding. 

The opening ceremony of full operation of the Kozai Plant

The Tadano Group aims to reach its long-term goal of becoming No.1 worldwide in the lifting equipment industry. The Kozai Plant was constructed in Takamatsu, Japan, and completed in April 2019, with the purpose of further expanding production capacity of rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, and main parts including booms and cylinders.

The opening ceremony was held with 140 people in attendance, including the Governor of Kagawa Prefecture and Mayor of Takamatsu City. We started with an opening speech from Koichi Tadano, President and CEO, followed by congratulatory messages from the Governor of Kagawa Prefecture and Mayor of Takamatsu City. After Yoichiro Nishi, Executive Director, gave an overview of the Kozai Plant, the plant was open to the event participants for a tour of our production lines.

Governor of Kagawa Prefecture
Mayor of Takamatsu City
Plant tour from visitor's platform

The Kozai Plant was constructed under the concept of "Next Generation Smart Plant: Harmonizing the Balance of People and Machinery, Connecting to the Next Generation of Smart Manufacturing." The plant is fitted with automated guided vehicles, an air-conditioning system for the assembly line, and highly advanced equipment, all of which have been incorporated into the design with the aim of greatly increasing productivity. In addition, the finished products will be transported by barge from the port adjacent to the plant. 

Overview of Kozai Plant

Industrial land purchased in the western Kozai district from the prefectural government in November 2016. Plant constructed from November 2017 through April 2019.
Site Area : 200,000 ㎡
Building Area : 47,000 ㎡
Main Products : Rough Terrain Cranes, Truck Cranes, Main Parts (Booms, Cylinders, etc.)
Kozai Plant viewed from the north(March 2019)

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