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Feb. 18, 2020

Introducing New Rough Terrain Cranes for the International Market

Tadano will launch three Rough Terrain Cranes for the international markets*. This press release will give an overview of the models to be launched.
* These cranes are for Asia, the Middle-East, Oceania, Central & South-America, and African markets.

1. Product Names: GR-1000EX-4, GR-900EX-4, and GR-700EX-4

2. Performance: Maximum lifting capacity
        GR-1000EX-4: 100 t
        GR-900EX-4: 90 t
        GR-700EX-4: 70 t

3. Product Concept
Tadano's rough terrain cranes in the international market are flagship products that lead the global RT market. In particular, these cranes are used in confined spaces such as energy sites where replacing cranes that breakdown can be difficult. Cranes are valued based on their high reliability, quality, and environmental-friendliness.
These models mark a full model upgrade of the rough terrain cranes in the 60 t to 80 t lifting class, previously launched in 2011, to further increase our presence in these markets. These products were developed to have improved performance and work area as well as increase work safety and comfort.

4. Primary Features
(1) Development of three next-generation models
Tadano has developed three new next-generation rough terrain crane models with further improved lifting capacity to meet the demands of a growing market.
・ GR-1000EX-4: Developed as Tadano's first model for the international RT market with a lifting capacity of 100 t. Furthermore, the multi-telescoping cylinder boom features a 51 m long-boom, the longest in its class. This expands the work areas and will create new demand.
・ GR-900EX-4: A newly developed 90 t lifting capacity model. The GR-900EX-4 is a highly competitive product, even among its own class.
・ GR-700EX-4: A 70 t lifting capacity crane with a 47 m long-boom, the longest in its class. This model meets new demand.

(2) Optimally-Designed Cab
The cab design and fittings have been remodelled, greatly improving work efficiency, operability, and visibility.
The new large, multi-function color touch panel display is 10.4 inches in size. It contains crane work information and operation settings, increasing work efficiency. Additionally, as it is a pressure-sensitive touch panel, it can be operated while using gloves.
The cab instrument panel shape, height, and angle of the glass face have also been modified, improving visibility from the driver's seat. The model also uses the 20-degree cab tilt function for the first time, which helps to reduce operator fatigue when operating the crane for long periods of time.

(3) Uses the new "Smart Counterweight" system (in the GR-1000EX-4)
These are the first RTs to have "Smart Counterweight" which enables the counterweight to have two mounting positions. This feature enables improved stability increased up to approximately 22%.
Our proprietary "Smart Chart"* is also on-board enabling the crane work performance to be maximized.
*This new mechanism extracts work performance to the maximum by changing the conventional circular work area to a square one.

(4) A winch drum monitoring camera as the standard item
A winch drum monitoring camera that checks the winding state of the wire rope when the crane is in operation has been equipped as standard.

(5) Environmentally friendly
The newly developed pump disconnect function automatically stops operation of the crane's hydraulic pump if the crane is not operated for a certain period of time. This function contributes to a reduction in fuel consumption.
The crane is also equipped with functions such as the Fuel monitoring system, Eco-Mode, and Positive Control that support environmentally-friendly operations by reducing CO2 emissions, improving fuel consumption, and reducing noise.

(6) Equipped with the telematics Web information service - HELLO-NET
This function ascertains the crane's operation status using mobile and satellite communications, and supports the checking of positional information via GPS and maintenance information on a website. Tadano shares information about the product in use and offers advanced customer support and service.

5. Main Specifications

Crane Specifications GR-1000EX-4 GR-900EX-4 GR-700EX-4
Max. Lifting Capacity 100 t 90 t 70 t
Boom Length 12.8 m - 51.0 m 12.0 m - 47.0 m 12.0 m - 47.0 m
Jib length 10.1 m / 17.7 m 10.1 m / 17.7 m 10.1 m / 17.7 m
Max. Lifting Height Boom 50.6 m 47.1 m 47.1 m
Jib 68.3 m 64.4 m 64.4 m
Max. Load Radius Boom 42.0 m 40.0 m 36.0 m
44.0 m [Smart Chart + Smart Counterweight]

42.0 m
[Smart Chart]

40.0 m
[ Smart Chart]

Jib 52.0 m 50.0 m 44.0 m

54.0 m
[Smart Chart]

52.0 m
[Smart Chart ]

48.0 m
[Smart Chart]

Dimensions GR-1000EX-4 GR-900EX-4 GR-700EX-4
Overall Length 15,185 mm 14,375 mm 14,375 mm
Overall Width 3,315 mm 3,315 mm 3,315 mm
Overall Height 3,805 mm 3,805 mm 3,820 mm


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