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Distributors receive four-day tour of Tadano facilities in Japan in recognition of outstanding performance

Apr. 5, 2024

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Left to Right: Mr. Ashwin Nandakumar, Service Engineer, Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons; Muhammad Rizal Vahlefi, Claim Officer Tadano, PT United Tractors Tbk; Mr. Thomas Yulianto, Technical Consultant Tadano, PT United Tractors Tbk; Mr. Heri Wahyudi Kusnan, Technical Instructor, PT United Tractors Tbk; Mr. Yuei Yonekura, International Service Group, International Service Department, Tadano; Mr. Fawzi bin Yousef bin Ayesh Albattat, Service Technician, Saleh & Abdulaziz Abahsain Co. Ltd.; Mr. Junichi Hirano, International Planning Group, CS Planning Department, Tadano; Ms. Naoko Ishinabe, International Planning Group, CS Planning Department, Tadano

United Tractors, Saleh & Abdulaziz Abahsain, Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons representatives tour plants, corporate offices, and other major facilities

Three Tadano distributors in Asia and the Middle East were recognized and rewarded for outstanding performance with a four-day trip in November 2023 that brought five representatives to Japan. The visit included Tadano plants, research and parts facilities, and corporate offices.

United Tractors in Indonesia, Saleh & Abdulaziz Abahsain in Saudi Arabia, and Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons in Bahrain were commended by Tadano’s Distributor Assessment Program, an incentive program conducted jointly by the International Planning Group and the International Service Group. Every year, distributors taking part in this recognition program are evaluated in multiple performance areas related to service activities for Tadano products through an internal scoring system. These three distributors in particular achieved excellent results in 2022 and were awarded the tour.

Of the five representatives on this trip, United Tractors Tbk sent three: Technical Consultant Mr. Thomas Yulianto; Claim Officer Mr. Muhammad Rizal Vahlefi; and Technical Instructor Mr. Heri Wahyudi Kusnan. Saleh & Abdulaziz Abahsain Co. Ltd. had Service Technician Mr. Fawzi bin Yousef bin Ayesh Albattat attend, while Service Engineer Mr. Ashwin Nandakumar joined from Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons. It was the first time any of them visited Japan.

They were hosted by Tadano representatives including Mr. Junichi Hirano and Ms. Naoko Ishinabe from the CS (Customer Service) Planning Department; Mr. Yuei Yonekura from the International Service Department. They represented the departments overseeing the Distributor Assessment Program.

The five participants began the tour on November 20, 2023 with a visit to the Shido plant in Kagawa Prefecture, one of Tadano’s main production sites. The following day, they visited the Tadotsu and Kozai plants. They also experienced training sessions for workplace safety with virtual reality equipment at corporate headquarters in Takamatsu.

On the 22nd, they toured Tadano’s Global Parts Center in Kobe, the company’s biggest warehouse for spare parts, where they observed shipping and packing. The next destination was Osaka for a tour of Tadano Techno West, which encompasses the service factory and the head office in Sakai. They learned about the activities there while exploring the repair workshop, the yard, and the offices while discussing experiences with Tadano personnel across departments. Sightseeing around Osaka topped off the four-day trip.

Mr. Hirano from Tadano noted the enthusiasm and high level of interest in each phase of the tour from the visiting participants, as well as the Tadano staff members who met with them.

“Throughout the whole trip, participants were always proactive,” said Mr. Hirano, “At each site - manufacturing plants, warehouses, and the service factory - they showed strong interest in how the facilities were managed and operated. They asked plenty of questions and exchanged various viewpoints with the persons in charge on topics like relationships between plants, staff management, improving service skills, policy on parts inventory, sales achievements, workshop workflow, dealing with inquiries, service cards, and more.”

Mr. Fawzi Bin Yousef Bin Ayesh Albattat from Saleh & Abdulaziz Abahsain reflected quite positively on the experience.

"I've been honored to get the privilege of visiting Japan & take multiple tours in Tadano factories," he said, "Each was a great example of perfection in all aspects. Productivity & accuracy are running harmonically in a safe working environment. Each factory matches their current needs & progresses into a futuristic plan to meet the growing & developing requirements of the global markets."

"Finally,” he added, “I won't be able to describe the feelings & impressions of visiting a beautiful, charming & sophisticated country like Japan. Landscapes, historical sites, landmarks, city centers & rural areas all will charm your senses & enrich your pleasure. Not to mention the amazing people of Japan, who represents a great example of friendly, committed, hard-working & enjoying life with all its aspects. It was a great visit to a great company in a great country. Looking forward to another great chance to meet again."

Mr. Thomas Yulianto, Mr. Heri Wahyudi Kusnan and Mr. Muhammad Rizal Vahlefi from United Tractors were very energetic through the tour. They were proactive to absorb knowledge and experience gained through this tour as well as other participants.
“We thank Tadano for all the support during the factory and tour visits,” said Mr. Muhammad “We hope to visit the Tadano factories again in the future.”

"It was a great experience and opportunity to visit the Tadano plants," said Mr. Ashwin Nandakumar from Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons. "Taking a factory tour was a wonderful way to build relationships; connecting personally and face to face leads to better service.”

"The factories are well maintained,” continued Mr. Nandakumar. “The staff showcased the highest standards of safety and workmanship. We even experienced virtual reality simulations at the Takamatsu plant. It was the first time we experienced something like that."

"The production lines are well-organized,” he added. “On our visit to the Kozai plant & global part center, we got to experience the amount of automation and technology that is put into use to increase the rate of production and have better utilization."

“We are pleased to have guided the tour of our facilities for distributor staffs engaged in customer service for Tadano products,” Mr. Yonekura and Ms. Ishinabe said. “It was a great experience for all participants. Their experience, seeing Tadano's production base with their own eyes and experiencing Japanese culture first-hand, will be useful in supporting our products in the future. We hope they have better understanding of Tadano and our products, including our philosophy and spirits of craftmanship. We believe that experience in this tour will be help for their work.”

Mr. Nandakumar finalized his comments by noting, “We also had an opportunity to experience the Japanese culture and hospitality. I Hope to visit the Tadano factories again in the future and wish them great success. Arigato Gozaimasu!"

Sakai plant, Tadano Techno West

Kozai Plant, Tadano


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