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Mar. 4, 2021

BIM Data for Tadano Group Products

The Tadano Group has published BIM* files for a selection of construction cranes in the Tadano Group lineup. The files, available for download from the BIMobject®* platform, make construction planning with Tadano Group construction cranes even easier for companies using BIM.

*BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a digital database that allows users to digitally model a building, and determine the associated cost, material type, and other elements. It consolidates previously separated information from design, construction, and maintenance, to create a comprehensive management workflow that can be used throughout the whole building lifecycle.
*BIMobject® is an online BIM object library, offered globally by Sweden-based company BIMobject AB. It is used by building and interior product manufacturers all over the world to develop, store, and publish BIM data and other digital products. BIM users may download the data for free after registering an account.
BIMobject Japanese Website:
BIMobject Global Website:

1. Background
Construction equipment is essential to construction sites, and there is an increasing need for digital models to use with BIM. To live up to customers' demand, Tadano Group has published BIM files for a selection of construction cranes in the Tadano Group lineup. Not only will this help relieve the workload of creating complicated BIM data for construction cranes, but will contribute to the digital transformation (DX) of the construction and architectural industry.

2. About the BIM data
Available in Autodesk® Revit® Family File (.rfa) format.

・Rough terrain cranes for the Japanese market
GR-1000N-1, GR-700N-2, GR-600N-3, GR-250N-4, GR-130N-2, GR-130F-1

・Rough terrain cranes for markets other than Japan
GR-1600XL-3, GR-1300XL-4, GR-1200XL-3, GR-1000XL-4, GR-1000XLL-4, GR-800XL-4, GR-550XL-3, GR-550XLL-3, GR-550XLS-3, GR-350XL-3

3. Schedule for Publishing Data
During FY2021, we plan to publish BIM data for Tadano Group all terrain cranes and crawler cranes, including products in the Tadano Demag range.

4. Tadano Group BIM Data Webpage

5. Inquiries
• For inquiries regarding our BIM files, please use the contact form available on our Contact Us page, and select "General" from the "Inquiry Type" menu.

Image with .rfa file placed in Autodesk® Revit® BIM model:


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