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Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes


Crane capacity

Unique capacity class in the range between 130t and 220t.

Load moment of 590tm.

Strong lifting charts also in out-of-level conditions (up to 4°).

All chart are also for pick & carry operations.

26mm hoist rope with 13.9t line pull.

Transportability and rigging

Only one exceptional load (base crane 47t, 3x3m).

Other items can be transported on 4 or 5 standard trailers.

100% self rigging.

Undercarriage: robust and efficient

1,450kN (150t) traction force.

Stepless track width extension.

Smooth and efficient crane control system

Life determination of max capacity class based on track extension, ground inclination, slewing position, etc.

Best in Class ergonomics and access



Crane Capacity Boom 200.0t x 2.5m
Max. Sheave Height Boom+Jib 85.0m
Boom Length 12.9m - 60.0m
Jib Length 5.0m / 11.0m / 17.0m / 23.0m

Offsetable from 0° to 36°

Mech and full hydraulic

Line Pull 13.9t

Base Crane

Engine Model Mercedes-Benz OM 936 LA
Max. Output 230kW(308PS)/1,800min-1
Max. Traveling Speed 2.3km/h
Traction Froce 1,450kN
Track width Extension Stepless from 3.5m to 6m

(center line to center line)

Size & Transportability

Overall Length 15.58m
Overall Width (Tracks Extended) 7.32m
Overall Width (Tracks Retracted) 4.82m
Overall Width (Tracks Removed) 2.99m
Overall Height Transport Configlation 3.03m
Working Configlation 3.5m
Operating weight up to 150t

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