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The Tadano Group strives to contribute to the development of local and international societies through social contributions which only Tadano is capable of, led by the Group's corporate philosophy of "Creation, Contribution, and Cooperation".

Our Promises to Society

Cultural Restoration and Academic Support

As a manufacturer of lifting equipment, Tadano has been uniquely positioned to make contributions to the community by assisting with cultural restoration projects. In response to a message from Easter Island seeking technical assistance to return Moai to the standing position, Tadano took on the Moai Restoration Project, which lasted from 1988 to 1996. Tadano also provided technical cooperation in the disassembly of the Takamatsuzuka Tomb's stone chamber in Nara by developing a disassembly jig in 2007. In February 2018, Tadano won the Special Prize of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in the Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award. In 2008, we donated three products to help in restoration work on West Prasat Top, part of the Angkor Thom ruins that were in a critical condition after destruction to masonry owing to long years of neglect, in part due to the civil war in Cambodia. The restoration work is expected to be completed in December 2020.
In 2019, as part of our 100th anniversary project, we donated a third crane to Easter Island, Chile. In order to support the maintenance and development of the Kwasan observatory, Tadano established General Incorporated Kwasan Cultural Foundation for the Promotion of Cosmology, which has been donating 10 million yen annually over 10 years since 2019. Through this support, Tadano will make social contributions to the field of astronomy.

Moai Restoration Project

Moai Restoration Project

Technical cooperation in the disassembly of the Takamatsuzuka Tomb's stone chamber

Technical cooperation in the disassembly of the Takamatsuzuka Tomb's stone chamber

Equipment donatedfor the restoration of Angkor, Cambodia

Equipment donatedfor the restoration of Angkor, Cambodia

Support for the survival of Kwasan observatory

Support for the survival of Kwasan observatory

Sponsorship and Exhibition in an Interactive Science Event

Tadano supports and takes part in an interactive science event held by local universities and other organizations to inspire children's interest in science. This event attracts over 4,000 children each year, allowing them to see the excitement and mysteriousness of science. Children had the opportunity to use experimental tools and learned from new recruits to Tadano about the three principles used in our crane: the principle of the lever, Pascal's law, and the principle of the pulley.

Interactive science event held by local universities and other organizations to inspire children's interest in science
Interactive science event held by local universities and other organizations to inspire children's interest in science

Summer Plant Tours for Families

Tadano holds plant tours each year to enhance children's interest and understanding in monozukuri (high-quality manufacturing) and technology and to give them a little help with their summer projects by providing them with a rare opportunity to visit plants and testride our cranes.
In fiscal year 2018, the tour was held at our Shido Plant in July and was joined by a total of 42 families from both inside and outside the company.
(Plant tours were not held in fiscal year 2019)

Testride our cranes while summer plant tours for families
Learning our high-quality manufacturing through summer plant tours for families

Tadano Heartful Pocket (Donor Organization)

This support organization, which encourages employees' participation, was launched in 2007 as a grassroots initiative for raising donations for organizations and individuals dedicated to a variety of social causes. Employees who become members of the organization make a donation of 100 yen from their monthly salary and 500 yen from their bonus. The company devotes the amount equivalent to the sum of the contributions by employees (matching gift), and make donations twice a year. As of March 2020, we have made donations to a total of 58 organizations.

Donor organization
Making donations

Contributing to the Local Community

Tadano signed a top sponsor agreement with Kamatamare Sanuki, a football club that belongs to the Japan Professional Football League. The club's home town is Kagawa Prefecture. Over 8,000 football fans came to our sponsored match.
As part of our efforts to support local organizations and events for regional revitalization, we also donate to Setouchi Triennale, an international art festival held on the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, and the Takamatsu International Piano Competition, which features world-class music from Takamatsu.

Our sponsored football match
Our sponsored football match

Our Promises Among Employees

Employee development is what drives a company to accomplish its long-term goals. Company growth cannot be achieved without the growth and development of employees. Based on the concept that employees are our assets, Tadano emphasizes workplace building and human resources development to best leverage the skills and individuality of each person, allowing employees to give their maximum performance. We believe that the synergy generated by ensuring a proper work-life balance on a foundation of the physical and mental well-being is fundamental to raising productivity, creating added value, and "Pursuing Further Excellence."

Pursuing Further Excellence

Tadano's Health Management Initiatives

Recognizing that the physical and mental well-being of employees is essential for the professional performance and prosperous life of each and every employee, we have established the Employee Health Management Declaration.

Tadano is certified as a Health & Productivity Management Organization

Since launching its Physical and Mental Wellness Program in 1981, Tadano has been working to foster a culture of health in the workplace. Initiatives include granting company employees and families access to the Fitness Center located within the company. Since 2018 Tadano has been recognized in the Large Enterprise Category of the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council). Four of the Tadano Group's companies in Japan were also recognized in March 2021 for the Small/Medium Enterprise Category of the 2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program.

Employee Health Management Declaration

Our Commitment to Safety in the Workplace

Tadano has significant obligations and responsibility for product safety, to protect both our customers and society. It is occupational safety at the company that supports the product safety. We believe that realizing occupational safety at the company is essential to ensuring the safety of our products. Based on this concept, we prepared the Tadano Group Safety Fundamentals Card in December 2017 with the goal of further raising awareness about workplace safety among Tadano Group employees. Prepared in seven languages (Japanese, English, German, French, Dutch, Thai and Hindi), the card is distributed to all Group employees. We also regularly communicate with safety officers at plants both in Japan and overseas, to further improve our safety management system.

Tadano Group Safety Fundamentals Card
Incidents of work-related accidents

Diversity and Inclusion

We accept diversity in terms of various factors, including abilities and experience, and harness it for use inside our organization will improve employee job satisfaction and productivity, helping to create added value. Driven by this belief, we are creating workplace environments where diverse employees can best utilize their talents.

Empowerment of Women (in Japan)

Aiming to increase the percentage of female employees at the company over 10% by 2026, Tadano hires women in a well-planned and proactive manner. At the same time, we are making steady progress in developing a work environment and a job rotation system to promote the advancement of women through initiatives such as providing more training opportunities for women to help them succeed as the next generation of leaders.

  • Introduction of a return employment system

    In May 2020, we introduced a system to rehire employees who previously left the company for reasons such as childbirth, raising children, nursing family members, or transfer of their spouse. The knowledge, experience and skills of these former employees can then once again be put to work in our company.

Work-Style Reform (in Japan)

Tadano supports diverse work-styles in the belief that the synergy generat-ed by ensuring a proper work-life balance leads to better productivity and creates added value.

  • Introduction of telework (working from home, satellite offices)

    In September 2020, Tadano fully adopted teleworking and satellite office work, in combination with our already active mobile work system. Simultane-ous to the introduction of these systems, we will discontinue the core times of the flexi-time system for telework, to further enhance work flexibility.

  • Promoting male involvement in housework and childcare

    We are encouraging male employees to take a greater part in housework and raising their children through special features on male employees talking childcare leave in our in-company magazine, and making such leave and other programs known while encouraging use of them through the newly appointed management and supervisory position training.

<Employee's Voice>

Human Resources Dept. Takashi Yamasaki

Human Resources Dept.
Takashi Yamasaki

I took three months of childcare leave

At First, I felt extremely unsure of myself as a man taking childcare leave due to the Japanese cultural and social environment. But talking to my superior, my workplace members, and other male employees who had experience of taking childcare leave gradually reduced my doubts. The understanding and support of my colleagues allowed me a smooth return back to work. The childcare leave was a special chance that allowed me to experience the difficulties of looking after young children, and to see their growth up close. I certainly hope that more male employees take childcare leave in the future.

Electronic Control Development Unit 1, LE Engineering Dept. Yuko Nabae

Electronic Control Development Unit 1,
LE Engineering Dept.
Yuko Nabae

I changed my job because I wanted to live and work in a better environment for raising children

Currently I'm using my analytical experience and statistical processing skills honed in my previous job as a mechanical systems engineer to work in a control design department. The childcare program and understanding of my colleagues allow me to concentrate on my work while also raising my children. Use of teleworking will further increase the flexibility of my working hours, allowing me to increase the scope of my duties and gain more opportunities for growth.

Human Resources Development

Based on our belief that a company is its people and the success of a company is built on human resources development, we always place emphasis on development of human resources. In particular, Tadano actively develops human resources capable of competing on the global stage as its business domain expands globally.

  • Global Leadership Skill Workshop (in Japan)

    The workshop offers training for skills applicable to global business, such as presentation skills. We began offering the workshop for executives and senior managers in FY 2012. By FY 2017, the workshop was held eight times for managers, with a total of 89 participants. Starting in FY 2018, participation eligibility was changed to employees with supervisory positions, and 41 employees completed the workshop in FY 2019.

    Global Leadership Skill Workshop (in Japan)

  • Tadano Way Meeting 2019

    Between November 2019 and March 2020, the Tadano Way Meetings were held at our international business locations. Employees were given a topic related to their jobs and discussed the implementation of our vision "Pursuing Further Excellence for the World and the Future."

    Feedback from Participants
    "I feel that this is a good guideline for the work we do every day."
    "This year's topic really generated a lively discussion, compared with the topics of the past years."

Tadano Way Meeting 2019_1
Tadano Way Meeting 2019_2



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