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Our Promises to Society

Our Basic Policy

Tadano established the CSR Committee in 2005 to promote and promulgate CSR. The Tadano Group believes that a company can exist only when it is in harmony with the people around it. Therefore, we will contribute to the development of local and international societies, and promote business activities that help protect the global environment. We will also seek to maximize our corporate value in response to the expectations of all of our stakeholders. Under our corporate philosophy of Sozo (Creation), Hoshi (Contribution), and Kyoryoku (Cooperation), we want to serve our communities in ways only Tadano can.

Cultural Restoration and Academic Support

As a manufacturer of lifting equipment, Tadano has been uniquely positioned to make contributions to the community by assisting with cultural restoration projects and academic support. In order to support the maintenance and development of Kyoto University's Kwasan Observatory, which is world-famous for its observation of the solar system and the sun, we established the General Incorporated Kwasan Cultural Foundation for the Promotion of Cosmology, which has been donating 10 million yen annually over ten years since 2019.
In terms of cultural restoration, in response to a message from Easter Island (Chile) seeking technical assistance to return the Moai statues to the standing position, Tadano took on the Moai Restoration Project, which lasted from 1988 to 1996. In 2019, as part of our 100th anniversary project, we donated a third crane to Easter Island.
Tadano also provided technical cooperation in the disassembly of the Takamatsuzuka Tomb's stone chamber in Nara by developing a disassembly jig in 2007. This cooperation was highly evaluated, and in February 2018, Tadano won the Special Prize of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in the Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award.
In 2008, we donated three products to help in restoration work on West Prasat Top, part of the Angkor Thom ruins that were in a critical condition after destruction to masonry owing to long years of neglect, in part due to the civil war in Cambodia.

Moai Restoration Project

Moai Restoration Project

Technical cooperation in the disassembly of the Takamatsuzuka Tomb's stone chamber

Technical cooperation in the disassembly of the Takamatsuzuka Tomb's stone chamber

Equipment donated for the restoration of Angkor, Cambodia

Equipment donated for the restoration of Angkor, Cambodia

Support for the survival of Kwasan observatory

Support for the survival of Kwasan observatory

Initiatives for the Eco Cap Movement

Initiatives for the Eco Cap Movement

In response to major changes in the global environment and the disharmony between human beings and the global environment, we started the Eco Cap movement as an initiative to contribute to a better global environment through the behavior of our individual employees.
By collecting plastic bottle caps, we can help to provide medical assistance and support for children all around the world, eliminate plastic waste in our workplaces and seas, and reduce CO2 emissions.
Until now, Tadano has implemented the Eco Cap movement at limited locations but since July 2021, we have been expanding the number of sites participating in this initiative, including plants in Kagawa Prefecture (Takamatsu, Shido, Kozai and Tadotsu).
As of June 2022, we have collected 250,235 caps, contributing to the reduction of 1,835 kg of CO2. Going forward, we will also include our companies outside Japan, making this movement a group-wide activity.

Forestation Activities

Under the "Forest Matching Promotion Project" organized by Kagawa Prefecture, we have designated a part of forest owned by Sanuki City as "Tadano Forest of Learning" and have been carrying out forestation activities.
Since FY 2020, we have been organizing forest maintenance events as an opportunity for volunteer group employees to learn about the importance of environmental conservation, and at the same time interact with each other. In 2021, we held a forestation event at "Tadano Forest of Learning" with a total of 40 participants working on forest maintenance to restore the lawn and plant trees.

Forestation Activities

Beach Cleaning

Beach cleaning

Most of our plants in Kagawa are located by the sea. To maintain the richness of the Seto Inland Sea, we launched a beach cleaning initiative. The cleaning is an attempt to raise interest in and learn about the amount and types of garbage found on the beach, as well as how the garbage got to the sea. The first cleaning activity took place in October 2021. 44 participants, including volunteer employees picked up garbage on the beach in Yashimanishi-machi, Takamatsu City, and deepened their understanding of and knowledge on marine conservation by filling in and reporting through the International Coastal Cleanup data sheet.

Donation Activities for Flood Victims

Heavy flooding in western Germany in mid-July 2021 and in southern Australia in late February 2022 caused extensive damage to buildings and roads. Tadano Europe Holdings GmbH and Tadano Oceania Pty Ltd solicited donations from their employees and donated them to charitable organizations that support relief activities as part of their commitment to "Contribution," one of Tadano's corporate philosophies. Our employees also visited the damaged areas and contributed to their reconstruction.

Donation activities for flood victims

Contributing to the Local Community

Contributing to the Local Community

In cooperation with a food bank in Kagawa Prefecture, we supplied dry bread and water of the emergency kits replaced by group companies in Japan as support for people in the region requiring food (including welfare facilities, cafeterias for children in need, and other people in need). Our two German group companies also sold used but still in a good shape office furniture and donated the proceeds to a local food bank.
In addition, in FY 2022, Tadano renewed the top sponsor agreement with Kamatamare Sanuki, a football club of Kagawa Prefecture that competes in the Japan Professional Football League.

Our Promises Among Partners

Our Basic Policy

Tadano's products are made of tens of thousands of parts, many of which are procured from our suppliers. To deliver even safer and higher-quality products to our customers, building strong relationships with our suppliers is essential. The Tadano Group CSR Charter and the Tadano Group Compliance Regulations set out principles for coexistence with business associates and fair procurement activities respectively. Tadano also promotes environmentally-friendly product development through the non-use of substances of concern with the understanding and cooperation of our suppliers.

Aiming for Mutual Development: the Tadano Kyoei Society

In April 1999, Tadano and its suppliers established the "Tadano Kyoei Society" with the aim of fostering an independent, solution-oriented organization with the competitive technologies and capabilities needed to survive in the 21st century. Since then up to the present time, we have developed and maintained lasting, strong relationships with our suppliers and worked with them for mutual growth and development. The organization is comprised of a total of 59 corporate members in Japan (as of June 2022). A variety of activities and events are held each year, including safety workshops, presentations on improvement initiatives, plant tours, and SVE conferences. The association also presents awards to suppliers with outstanding achievements each year.

Plant tours by members of the Tadano Kyoei Society

Plant tours by members of the Tadano Kyoei Society

SVE Conference <br><small>(presentation by a supplier)</small>

SVE Conference
(presentation by a supplier)

Building a "Win-Win" Relationship: SVE Activities by the "Team of Four"

Since 2009, Tadano's three divisions (Research and Development, Production, Procurement) have worked with our suppliers as a "Team of Four" to promote its SVE activities, with the goal of developing and producing products with greater value. "SVE"— an original concept developed by Tadano by adding "S" (Super and Sustainable) to "VE" (Value Engineering)— embodies our determination to surpass our past VE activities and continue to move forward vigorously with our efforts.

SCOOP activities

We began our SCOOP (Super Cooperation) program, a key component of our SVE activities, in 2011. We work with our suppliers on an individual basis to set themes and targets to enhance the value and functionality of products and reduce costs while leveraging strengths and qualities of both Tadano and the suppliers.

Our Suppliers

Our Promises Among Employees

Our Basic Policy

Employee development is what drives a company to accomplish its long-term goals. Company growth cannot be achieved without the growth and development of employees. Based on the concept that employees are our assets, Tadano emphasizes workplace building and human resources development to best leverage the skills and individuality of each person, allowing employees to give their maximum performance. In addition, we regularly conduct employee engagement surveys in and outside Japan to make improvements. We believe that the synergy generated by ensuring a proper work-life balance on the foundation of the physical and mental well-being is fundamental to raising productivity and creating added value.

Tadano's Health Management Initiatives

We promote health management as we recognize that the physical and mental well-being of each and every employee is essential for maintaining a prosperous life and professional-level performance.

Tadano is certified as a Health & Productivity Management Organization

Since launching its Physical and Mental Wellness Program in 1981, Tadano has been working to foster a culture of health in the workplace. Initiatives include granting company employees and families access to the Fitness Center located within the company.
Since 2018 Tadano has been recognized in the Large Enterprise Category of the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council). Our 11 domestic group companies (10 in the previous fiscal year) were also recognized in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Category of the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program in March 2024.

Employee Health Management Declaration

Our Commitment to Safety in the Workplace

Tadano has significant obligations and responsibility for product safety, to protect both our customers and society. It is occupational safety at the company that supports the product safety. We believe that realizing occupational safety at the company is essential to ensuring the safety of our products.
Based on this concept, we prepared the Tadano Group Safety Fundamentals Card in December 2017 with the goal of further raising awareness about workplace safety among group employees. Prepared in nine languages (Japanese, English, German, French, Dutch, Thai, Hindi, Spanish and Italian), the card is distributed to all group employees. Our plants in Japan were subjected to a safety diagnosis conducted by an external organization, wherein the evaluation and feedback were reported to the company in March 2022. Going forward, we will continue to regularly communicate with safety officers at plants both in and outside Japan, to pursue further improvement in safety.

Tadano Group Safety Fundamentals Card
Incidents of work-related accidents (frequency rate)

Diversity and Inclusion

We accept diversity in terms of various factors, including abilities and experience. Harnessing it for use inside our organization will improve employee job satisfaction and productivity, helping to create added value. Driven by this belief, we are creating workplace environments where diverse employees can best utilize their talents, and we set out principles to respect human rights in the Tadano Group CSR Charter and the Tadano Group Compliance Regulations.

Empowerment of women

Aiming to increase the percentage of female employees at the company to 10% by the end of FY 2026, Tadano hires women in a well-planned and proactive manner. At the same time, we are making steady progress in developing a work environment and a job rotation system to promote the advancement of women through initiatives such as providing more training opportunities for women to help them succeed as the next generation of leaders. We will promote diversity by increasing the ratio of female employees and by increasing the number of women in leadership positions (managers and supervisors).
In addition, in FY 2022, we added new recruitment and PR tools such as brochures and videos to introduce our employees. We will support not only the female employees currently working for us, but also employees who will join the company in the future so that each and every one can work and live in their own way.

Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion

Work-style reform

  • Obtaining "Kurumin" certification

    In May 2022, we obtained the "Kurumin" certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan in recognition of our various initiatives from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2022.
    Our programs is designed to create an employee-friendly and rewarding work environment, including by increasing the ratio of employees taking paid annual leave, extending the applicable period of shorter working hours for employees engaged in childcare, and promoting telework.

    * "Kurumin" certification is awarded by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan to companies that have formulated a general action plan, and have also achieved the targets set forth in it and met certain standards based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, as a childcare support company.

    Work-style Reform
  • Childcare leave for men and families

    We are encouraging male employees at the company to take a greater part in housework and child-rearing through special features on male employees taking childcare leave in our internal newsletters, and encouraging and getting across various programs at training sessions for newly appointed managers and supervisors.
    In FY 2021, seven male employees took childcare leave. Among them, there were cases where employees and their spouses took childcare leave together (paid family leave). In order to create a work environment where it is possible for all employees to take childcare leave in the future, we will continue our efforts to promote the understanding and use of this system by all group employees.

Human Resources Development

Based on our belief that a company is its people and the success of a company is built on human resources development, we always place emphasis on the development of human resources, and invest resources in our employee's education.
In particular, Tadano actively develops human resources capable of competing on the global stage as its business domain expands globally. For instance, we encourage young employees at the company to undertake international assignments. Every year we also hold the Tadano Way Meetings at each group company and division to confirm what Tadano values as a company, what we are aiming for, and what we are doing concretely to implement initiatives that lead to action.

Human Resources Development

Safety and Health Management for Employees Seconded Overseas/Business Travelers

The Tadano Group has agreements with assistance companies that have extensive information networks regarding the safety and health of employees assigned to and traveling around the world. We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of our employees when they are seconded to or traveling to other countries.



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