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The Tadano Group strives to help protect the global environment and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

Environmental Policy

We serve society by harmonizing the balance of people, machinery and the environment.

1. Promote environmentally responsible behavior.

Believing that self-awareness is the first step towards sustained effort and improvement, we give importance to educating every employee and to each individual's routine, everyday efforts.

2. Develop environmentally friendly products.

Aware that the use of the Tadano Group's products has an effect on the environment, we work to develop products that are friendly to the environment throughout their entire life cycle, particularly in terms of fuel efficiency and low noise output.

3. Conduct environmentally responsible business activities.

In all of our business processes, we are dedicated to reducing the burden placed on the environment through conserving resources, recycling, preventing environmental pollution, and other efforts.

Our Commitment to the Environment

The Tadano Group works to protect the global environment and help create a sustainable society. The company obtained ISO 14001 environmental management system certification in 2008, and has implemented initiatives to minimize the burden on the environment through not only our product development, but also our business activities.
Our efforts include installing 2,000 square meters of solar panels (maximum output: 260 kw) at our Shido Plant. Going forward, we will engage in reorganization for greater efficiency in production and energy usage. At the Kozai Plant, constructed under the concept of "Next Generation Smart Plant: Harmonizing the Balance of People and Machinery, Connecting to the Next Generation of Smart Manufacturing," we adopted an energy management system (EMS), which can monitor energy use in real time. We are also considering installation of solar panels with a maximum output of over 1,000 kw. Further, barges are used to transport products at both plants, and efforts are made to conserve energy use for air conditioning and lighting at our offices and plants.
In fiscal year 2019, the company had a total energy use of 6,727 kiloliters (by crude oil equivalent), an increase due to the start of operation at Kozai Plant in August 2019. Most of the energy use for our business activities is related to production activities at our plants, and therefore the level of energy use tends to be greatly affected by fluctuations in production output. Going forward, Tadano will continue to implement energy-saving measures, including improving the efficiency of our production facilities and introducing LED lighting.
Tadano's model upgrades comply with new exhaust emissions regulations and each segment has introduced eco-friendly products with features that minimize noise and other pollution. The CREVO G4 rough terrain crane series is equipped with environmentally conscious Fuel Monitoring and Eco Model functions, while AC 45 City, a city crane, is equipped with an E-Pack allowing crane operation without starting the engine. In this way, our cranes support efficient and environmentally friendly operation such as by reducing CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and operational noise.

Introduction of new barge (began operation in August 2019)

Introduction of new barge
(began operation in August 2019)

Solar panels installed at Shido Plant

Solar panels installed at Shido Plant

ISO 14001 Management System Certificate
Changes in energy consumption and production output (in Japan)



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