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Long boom

Long boom

The 42m boom is one of the longest in its class.
The round hexagonal box boom is made of high tensile steel, which allows for decreased boom weight as well as increased boom strength.

Traveling on the road with counterweight

Traveling on the road with counterweight

There is no need to dismount the counter weights of the GT-550E-2 when traveling on roads. Thus, crane operations can be started once the crane has arrived at a work site.

Hydraulic suspension

Hydraulic suspension

All axles are equipped with a Hydraulic suspension system which helps absorb the shocks and vibrations which take place due to a change in road conditions (on a bad road) to realize comfortable roadability

Automatic moment limiter (AML-C)

Automatic moment limiter

The easy-to-view AML of BQ. Tadano's latest model monitors and display crane operating onditions(such as boom length, boom angle, load radius, slewing position, actual load, total rated load, outrigger position, jib length, jib ofset angle, and number of parts of line) to secure safety in operation. In addition, the AML is provided with a working range limit function.


Crane Capacity Boom 55t x 3.0m
Max. Lifting Height Boom 42.0m
Boom+Jib 57.2m
Max. Load Radius Boom 32.0m
Boom+Jib 35.5m
Boom Length 11.1m - 42.0m
Jib Length 8.8m / 15.2m
Extension width of outriggers Max. 6.8m
Mid. 4.6m
Min. 2.39m


Engine Model Daimler OM457LA
Max. Output 260kW(354PS)/1,900min-1
Max. Traveling Speed 75km/h
Drive/Steering 8x4x4
Overall Length 13,480mm
Overall Width 2,820mm
Overall Height 3,680mm

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