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Monark delivers its first Cargo Crane model in The Philippines with delivery to Hammer Head Builders

Feb. 5, 2024

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A TM-ZX1505HRS completed operation training for Hammer Head Builders & Development Corporation.

Training also provided as Monark and Hammer Head both expand with Cargo Cranes

Tadano Ltd. and its Philippines distributor Monark Equipment Corporation have expanded their distribution offerings to Tadano’s line of Cargo Cranes. In August, the first such machine was delivered with the handover of a TM-ZX1505HRS crane to Hammer Head Builders & Development Corp.

The TM-ZX1505HRS Cargo Crane boasts a 15t capacity with a boom length ranging from 5.3m to 18.5m; its maximum lift height is about 20m with a max load radius of 18.07m. Hammer Head will use this model primarily for projects involving mechanical equipment and civil erection.

And this time, Hammer Head chooses Hino Motor Philippines Truck model FS1ERSA-QPV for high quality combination by Tadano & Hino, Japanese brand.

“Tadano cranes are good and reliable,” said Mr. Manny Javines, Managing Director and President of Hammer Head Builders. “Their consistent quality makes their crane a good choice for our company.”

A TM-ZX1505HRS working in Philippines for Hammer Head Builders & Development Corporation.

Hammer Head Builders and Development Corporation conducts foundation, civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical contracting work, including demolition and dismantling. Accredited as a Quadruple-A contractor by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB), they have numerous locations throughout the country including Antipolo, Rizal and an office in Makati, Metro Manila. They currently manage 6 in their fleet, all of which are mobilized on projects.

Hammer Head already uses numerous Tadano crane models on their projects. Acquisitions over the last few years include delivery of a GR-900EX-4 in 2021 and a GR-1100EX in 2022. Representatives from Hammer Head also took the opportunity to visit the Shido Factory that same year, where they learned a great deal about TADANO’s products and service across numerous model lines.

“When we add new cranes to our fleet, safety and durability are top considerations,” said Mr. Javines, “We highly value TADANO products and we are very satisfied with the HRS specifications.”

TM-ZX1505HRS models include Tadano's “Safety Eyes” Systems, which include the AML (Automatic Moment Lifter) that monitors crane work safety by providing a "strength monitoring" function, which prevents crane overloading, and a "stability monitoring" function, which prevents the crane from falling over; a Boom Jack interlock system; and a Working Height Limiter, all designed to enable work to beperformed safely. Radio Controllers with a Color LCD display and Basket Mode operation are optional. Wide and powerful outriggers with box structure jacks add versatility and advanced stability.

Mr. Javines noted this first delivery in The Philippines of a Cargo Crane model by Monark was done on time, with the delivery process clearly communicated. Registration and transportation of the crane took place smoothly.

Upon delivery, proper training is crucial to maximize awareness of safety features and protocols while ensuring operators understand every feature of the TM-ZX1505HRS crane.

“Monark provided a very impressive trainer. I was also impressed with the time allocated for training,” noted Mr. Javines. “Monark Equipment is very cooperative, prompt in their sales, and easy to call on services and queries.”

He reports positive feedback on the crane’s performance since delivery, leading to discussions about future purchases. As Hammer Head continues to expand, they are interested in Cargo Cranes in the 20t-25t class. They also see trends toward higher lifting capacities reaching to 200t and additional safety equipment involving more cameras and anemometers – all topics that customers discuss with distributors in their local markets and with Tadano management, either in the field or on factory tours in Japan.

Monark and Tadano remain ready to provide the highest quality cranes along with top-notch service and training for any future crane deliveries.

Left: Mr. Manny Javines, Managing Director and President of Hammer Head Builders;
Right: Mr. Ryohei Mori, Consultant of Tadano Products of Monark Equipment Corporation.

A TM-ZX1505HRS working in Philippines for Hammer Head Builders & Development Corporation.


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