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Seminars successfully update Iraqi customers on Tadano products and dealer services

Feb. 15, 2024

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Pictured, Left to Right: Mr. Aladdin Mohammed - Branch Manager (Sardar Automobile and Machinery Trading Co), Mr. Rawand Khalid – General Manager (Sardar Automobile and Machinery Trading Co), Mr. Faisal Hamadi – Head of Directorate of Services Authority (North Oil Company), Mr. Khalid Abdullah – Fleet Manager (North Oil Company), Mr. Ippei Yabu – Manager of Corporate Planning Department (Sardar Group Company), Mr. Koji Shirotani – General Manager, Baghdad Office/Erbil Office, Sumitomo Corporation & Mr. Hassan Mousavi – Sales Manager, Sumitomo Corporation Middle East & Africa group.

Tadano Iraq Distributor Sardar Automotive & Machinery holds seminars in Baghdad and Basra to showcase products and services while strengthening customer relationships.

Tadano and its dealers continue to partner in ways that reach customers with comprehensive information and solicit feedback for continuous customer service improvement.

Cranes from Tadano recently became available again in Iraq through Authorized Distributor, as the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sardar Automotive & Machinery to reintroduce the company’s cranes to the advancing Iraqi market. The dealer is a division of the well-known Sardar Group, which represents a wide portfolio of top-tier automotive and heavy machinery brands for sales, leasing, and service across the country. The Sumitomo Corporation was also part of the MoU, which was signed in August of 2023.

Tadano products have been available in Iraq in the past, and as Sardar Automotive & Machinery noted, “the Iraqis carry in their previous memory’s excellent experiences through their use of these cranes in previous years.” Sardar Automotive & Machinery offers Tadano GT, GR, and Cargo Crane Series to customers throughout Iraq.

Customer seminar on 25th September 2023 at Toyota Iraq Conference Hall in Baghdad

To reacquaint customers with Tadano’s cranes and service, Sardar Automotive & Machinery recently organized and hosted two customer seminars: the first was the 25th of September 2023 at Toyota Iraq Conference Hall in Baghdad; the other took place on the 24th of October at the Grand Millennium Al Seef Basra in Basra.

The seminars were designed to increase awareness of Tadano by explaining the product lineup and their advantages. They also worked to analyze customer requirements while assuring attendees were fully aware of Sardar Automotive & Machinery’s sales and after-sales capabilities as the official Tadano partner in the Iraqi market.

"These events aimed to strengthen the bond with our esteemed customers, showcase Tadano's cutting-edge technology, and foster a sense of trust and collaboration,” said Mr. Rawand Khalid, General Manager of Sardar Automotive & Machinery. “We attracted a remarkable turnout of Tadano customers and key stakeholders from the automotive industry & Government sectors in Iraq.”

Around 60 VIPs participated in the seminars; attendees came from various government sectors and major companies. They included representatives from Thi-Qar Oil, the Police Academy, the Basra Government Head Office, Basra Oil Company, South Refineries Company, Basra Investment Commission, Maysan Oil Company, North Refineries Company, the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Defence, North Oil Company, Midland Oil Company, Missan Oil Company, Gas filling Company, and Oil Exploration Company, along with VIPs from other governmental and private entities.

Customer seminar on 24th October 2023 at the Grand Millennium Al Seef Basra in Basra.

“Tadano is well-known as one of the leading crane manufacturers in the world,” noted Mr. Rawand Khalid, “Their products are recognized for several advantages that make them popular choices in the construction, infrastructure, oil & gas field, and logistics industries. A wide range of Tadano products are available to cater to the needs of the Iraqi market, namely Truck Cranes with load ranges of 30T to 75T, Rough Terrain Cranes offering 30T to 145T, Aerial Work Platforms offering bucket heights of 7.2 m to 19.7 m, and Cargo Cranes with load ranges of 3T to 10T.”

Mr. Rawand Khalid continued, “They provide many advantages to customers. For example, their off-road mobility. Equipped with sturdy tires and rugged chassis, Tadano's Rough Terrain Cranes can navigate uneven and difficult terrains, providing access to construction sites and areas where traditional cranes might struggle. Rough Terrain Cranes from Tadano are versatile machines suitable for a variety of applications, including construction, maintenance, and industrial projects in challenging environments. They are more maneuverable in confined spaces and tight job sites compared to larger All-Terrain Cranes. Their compact design and agility make them suitable for projects with limited access. Plus, increased fuel efficiency leading to reduced cost of ownership.”

“Customer’s trust Tadano’s quality, fuel efficiency durability, reliability & legacy,” he added.

During the Seminar, attendees shared their specific requirements and needs with feedback forms to help Sardar Automotive & Machinery develop more relatable and customized support across their customer base. Department heads including from parts and service provided extensive details on after sales support. Customers learned the differences between genuine and non-genuine parts, including how they affect ownership costs of the vehicle. They also learned about the Mobile Service Facility, which is equipped to handle customers’ needs at their work site or shop while they can comfortably stay in their vehicle or a waiting area.

Mr. Hiroshi Maeda, the Assistant Projects Manager for Tadano, joined the seminar from Japan via video conference. He shared Tadano’s history, products, and its future vision and mission, including an emphasis on eco-friendly equipment, maintenance, and operation.

By all metrics, the seminars in Baghdad and Basra were considered a success. “Response was overwhelming,” said Mr. Rawand Khalid. “Attendees participated with eagerness. Many questions were posted by customers and answered by the team of specialists at Sardar Automobile & Machinery.”

He expressed continued confidence that attendees will contact Sardar Automobile & Machinery for future heavy crane and Tadano product needs. The awareness about product specifications has also proven helpful to governmental entities, who now possess detailed information about their cranes when announcing tender for bidders.

TADANO welcomes the opportunity to work with dealers on seminars like the ones organized and conducted by Sardar Automobile & Machinery. It is viewed as an excellent and efficient way to not only communicate to key customers the advantages of using Tadano cranes, but also the excellent service provided by dealers and other partners.

In the few months since the seminars, Sardar Automobile & Machinery representatives have noticed the difference, saying they have encouraged customers to contact them more frequently while receiving quicker responses. It has also improved the number of enquiries Sardar Automobile & Machinery has received for Tadano cranes, according to Mr. Rawand Khalid.

“Our commitment to customer-centric events, combined with Tadano's exceptional products, has solidified our position as a reliable partner in the Iraqi automotive industry.”


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