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New Release: Tadano's TM-ZX1200 Truck Loader Cranes Add Range, Reinforced Safety, And Improved Efficiency

Apr. 7, 2022

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TADANO’s truck loader crane lines have expanded range, safety, efficiency with a new series introduction.

The new TM-ZX1200 series offers three truck loader crane lines for the international market: HRS, HS, and MH. All three achieve a maximum outrigger width of 5.5m, larger than the 3.9m of conventional 8t capacity cargo cranes and 5.2m of the 10t class. The maximum crane capacity is 22tm, largest in its class. Both the wide outriggers and increased capacity greatly improve lifting performance compared to previous models in the same class.

Yuichiro Yamada, Assistant Manager with the TADANO Strategic Sales Department, notes that these functions and enhancements reflect the needs of its users. “The wider outrigger base improves stability of the crane, which in turn improves the performance at larger working radius,” he said, “Also, the safety devices aim to support work in the field where safety standards are strict.”

The HRS and HS lines feature AML with Safety Eyes for a higher level of vision and control for the operator. The HRS specification adds a color LCD radio controller that displays the lifted load, which allows changing of the operation position even when visibility would otherwise be poor in the conventional operation position.

The lineup also includes the conventional and economic MH specifications, which meet the demand of a wider range of customers while still maintaining the necessary safety. “MH is equipped with necessary and sufficient functions such as hook-in and anti-two-block device, and contributes to the work of customers with high reliability,” said Mr. Yamada.

“We also equipped all of the TM-ZX1200HRS with a basket mode and a support mount for the basket at the tip of the boom so that it can be used for aerial work. The wider outrigger width also leads to a larger working radius in basket mode,” he noted.

The 12t maximum lifting capacity is a completely new range for a TADANO truck loader crane. It is now possible to bridge between the existing TM-ZX1000 and TM-ZX1500 series models, which offer capacities of 10t/15tm and 15t/30tm, respectively. The TM-ZX1200 series provides even more choices to a wider range of international customers.

Developing the TM-ZX1200 line required significant time and research. Satoshi Hirota, who works in Lifting Equipment Development Department 3, shared how teams addressed challenges and brought the TM-ZX1200 line to fruition.

“The TM-ZX1200HRS/HS’s product concept was ‘Providing high safety and workability.’ For that purpose, it was necessary to adopt Safety Eyes control, which is installed in the latest domestic models,” said Mr. Hirota.

The mainstream safety device, which monitors the overturning momentum during work, stops once predetermined momentum is reached regardless of cargo presence in the trucks. Lifting capacity is also reduced when truck cargo loads are low to avoid tipping over. The Safety Eyes control allows the crane to lift more when the truck is loaded with cargo, taking advantage of the added stability.

Increasing the maximum outrigger width to 5.5m also helped with stability when the vehicle is empty. Other major structures such as booms, posts, and frames were also newly designed, with shape being optimized through repeated numerical analysis, durability tests, and improvements in construction methods, according to Mr. Hirota.

TM-ZX1200 Series R&D team in a meeting

TM-ZX1200 Series R&D team in a meeting

The R&D team worked in cooperation with TADANO’s manufacturing plants to develop and analyze these improvements, resulting in the company’s first lightweight yet high-strength post with a pentagonal cross-section.

Field tests allow the team to pursue further improvements, including a slewing cover that can be attached and detached without tools and a boom that allows easier inspection of the built-in wire ropes for extension and contraction. Both advancements are currently under development.

Mr. Hirota also notes the team continues to conduct tests assuming work conditions such as high-speed operation and fine movement such as positioning, to achieve an operability that feels safe, smooth, and stress-free.”

Find more information, including spec sheets, on the TM-ZX1200 line here: TM-ZX1200 series | Tadano Global

*availability of TM-ZX1205HRS depends on countries

Safety Eyes - TADANO Truck Mounted (TM) Cranes


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