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Tadano salutes UAE distributor United Al Saqer for sales, service excellence

Nov. 18, 2021

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Mr. Nader Al Quraan (third from left), United Al Saqer Heavy Equipment LLC General Manager, receives Tadano’s Award of Sales Performance from Mr. Yasuaki Kishimoto (third from right), CEO/President of Tadano ME Lifting Equipment Trading, LLC

United Al Saqer Heavy Equipment LLC (UASHE) has been recognized by Tadano with an Award of Sales Performance for the Year 2021.

The award, given in recognition of outstanding work, was received by UASHE General Manager Mr. Nader Al Quraan and presented by the CEO & President of TADANO ME Lifting Equipment Trading LLC, Mr. Yasuaki Kishimoto.

UASHE began distributing Tadano products in 1993 and remains the exclusive Tadano representative for customers in the United Arab Emirates. Since UASHE’s relationship with Tadano began, the company has grown to 200 employees and risen to prominence, providing 24/7 support to more than 1,200 customers. UASHE also distributes Kawasaki Machineries, Astra Trucks, Mitsubishi Forklift, and more.

Despite heavy competition, Tadano products remain one of their most sought-after brands; to date in 2021, UASHE has placed an order of 26 cranes.

According to Mr. Nader Al Quraan, General Manager of UASHE, the available heavy-duty booms coupled with ease of operation tends to sway customers to Tadano models. He notes that along with being operator-friendly, they receive positive feedback on the durability and ease of maintenance with Tadano cranes.

These qualities are particularly important for UASHE’s customers, many of whom are concentrated in the transportation and oil field sectors. They primarily use Tadano cranes for major road infrastructure and numerous oil and gas infrastructure projects, including the complex and cautious work of moving oil rigs.

When work on these rigorous job sites generate a need for support, service, or parts, both UASHE and Tadano pride themselves on resolving any issues quickly.

Mr. Nader Al Quraan credits Tadano’s “very supportive, quick responses” and “highly professional, skilled, and experienced staff” with assisting their 24/7 after sales support and free training UASHE provides to its customers. Like Tadano, UASHE is dedicated to delivering the best service to its customers, considering teamwork to be the bedrock of their success.

Tadano recognizes United Al Saqer Heavy Equipment LLC as one of their most important long-term partners in its sales network worldwide. This Award of Sales Performance commemorates their excellent work here in 2021. Both organizations look forward to a continuing partnership that elevates both companies and provides end users with top-quality equipment and service.


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