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Australian debut: LCR takes delivery of Demag® AC 1000-9 all-terrain crane

Aug. 18, 2021

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From left to right: James Greenwood (National Sales Manager, Tadano Oceania) - Peter Koschel (LCR Group Executive GM Cranes and Transport Operation) - Steven Minnikin (Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads Queensland) - Takehiro Kusumoto (Acting Managing Director / Commercial Director, Tadano Oceania)

The team at Tadano Oceania was looking forward to July 27, 2021, with great anticipation, as that was the day that we would celebrate that a Demag AC 1000-9 would tread Australian ground for the first time ever. “We’re tremendously proud of being able to hand over our biggest all terrain crane, the AC 1000-9, to an extraordinary and longtime business partner in the form of the LCR Group and to know that the crane is being used in Australia too,” points out Tadano Oceania National Sales Manager – James Greenwood. Because of this, the team came up with something very special for the handover and kicked off an Open House Day at the new Tadano Oceania headquarters in the Lytton suburb of Brisbane on July 27th, with the whole thing being organized around the presentation of the AC 1000-9. In addition to the team from LCR Group, the day was attended by business partners, senior industry representatives, and journalists attended this event.

“Needless to say, that was a big day for us. Not just because we put the very first Demag AC 1000-9 in Australia into operation, but also because we are now able to offer our customers even better performance with heavy-load lifts,” highlights LCR Group Executive GM Cranes and Transport Operation- Peter Koschel. Tadano Heavy Lift Sales Manager – Howard Dean wholeheartedly agrees: “With its powerful performance characteristics and enormous lifting capacity, the AC 1000-9 will energetically contribute to many projects that are important to the Australian economy and help us keep pushing our country forward.”

After all, the AC 1000-9 is truly a superlative crane in the 1,200-tonne capacity class: With the 50-meter main boom that comes as standard and the optional luffing jib, the crane reaches a maximum system length of 163.3 meters, which makes it unbeatable when it comes to large construction projects. It is also optionally available with a 100-meter main boom that is unrivalled worldwide – no other all-terrain crane offers a longer main boom! And when it comes to the heaviest loads out there, the Demag AC 1000-9 is a true workhorse that refuses to give up even when handling large weights. The standard star-type outriggers, which reduce system deformation noticeably and accordingly provide for extraordinary stability at larger lifting capacities, play a crucial role in this.

Festive handover on Open House Day at Tadano headquarters

Brisbane, Australia – August 17, 2021


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