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Hiap Heng Heavyequipment takes second delivery of ATF 220G-5 in Singapore

Aug. 16, 2021

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Left to right: Mr. Michael Wong, General Manager, Multico Equipment & Parts Pte Ltd. (MEP); Ms. Sarah Lee, Senior Marketing Executive, TADANO Asia Pte Ltd. (TAP); Ms. Joyce Foo, Director, Hiap Heng Heavyequipment Co. Pte Ltd; Mr. Foo See Han, Managing Director, Hiap Heng Heavyequipment Co. Pte Ltd; Mr. Norbert Dudek, Director & COO, TADANO Asia Pte Ltd. (TAP); Mr. James Teo, Senior Sales Manager, Multico Equipment & Parts Pte Ltd. (MEP); Kentaro Haruna, Deputy General Manager, TADANO Asia Pte Ltd. (TAP)

Singapore-based crane and logistics distributor Hiap Heng Heavyequipment Co. Pte Ltd. added another Tadano crane to its growing fleet with the delivery of a second Tadano ATF 220G-5.

Tadano Asia Pte Ltd and its local distributor Multico Equipment & Parts Pte Ltd provided delivery of the 220-ton capacity all-terrain crane to Hiap Heng Heavyequipment, which consistently reviews and upgrades its fleets as the company expands and addresses the increasing equipment rental needs in Singapore.

Joyce Foo Hui Chin, Director of Hiap Heng, observed that the mutual commitment to quality, reliability, and service between Tadano and Hiap Heng has allowed their relationship to flourish.

“We have a good working relationship with the sales team of Tadano Asia and Multico. Technical service support is very strong,” she said.

Hiap Heng offers customers rough terrain and all terrain cranes ranging from 55 tons to 220 tons that cater to a wide variety of jobsite conditions and logistical challenges. The company, a private limited company since 1989, has the motto “With Expertise & Efficiency, For You” that reflects its commitment to offer clients top equipment along with unmatched service, experience, and operators. Through the years, the company has fostered a reputation for credibility and reliability for heavy equipment and maintenance services that deploy to infrastructure and construction sectors in both mainland and off-shore Singapore.

Hiap Heng opted to purchase a second ATF 220G-5 after its impactful experience with the first model.

“The first 220t crane that we have is resilient. The breakdown time is less compared to other brands that we have; customers are happy,” said Ms. Joyce Foo, adding, “Our maintenance team is familiar with [them], as we mainly own Tadano cranes. Therefore, our own technicians can troubleshoot and solve minor problems. This, in turn, translates to less down time and lower maintenance costs.”

Ms. Joyce Foo even noted the resale price of Tadano cranes are “pretty high,” providing value for Hiap Heng even when they move on to newer cranes for its fleet – and Tadano cranes are always high in consideration as it continues to upgrade its fleet for its customers.

“Tadano is a reliable brand. That is the reason we have been buying Tadano cranes since day one.”


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