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Sarens expands with new Demag heavy lifters

Jul. 1, 2021

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Three Demag AC All-Terrain Cranes have been acquired by Sarens to support their Heavy Lift and Heavy Transport operations across Australia.

Sarens – a global leader in crane rentals, heavy lifting, and engineered transport service – announced this acquisition earlier this year and is deploying the Demag cranes for some of their largest projects on the continent.

“Sarens works closely with the Tadano Group worldwide and has a number of models from Tadano and Demag in fleets around the globe,” said Matthew Arkinstall, East Coast Manager for Sarens in Australia.

The Demag cranes, selected by Sarens after careful deliberation, include:

  • The AC 130-5, which has a 130-tonne capacity and 60-metre main boom. This strong, yet compact crane features five axles and measures 14.45 metres long with a 2.75-metre carrier width. It has a safe working load (SWL) of 39.4 tonnes at a 10-metre radius and SWL of 1.7 tonnes at a 54-metre radius. The AC 130-5 can achieve a max height of 80.8 metres and max radius of 62.0 metres; its outrigger footprint is 7.0m x 7.71m.

  • The AC 250-5, which has a 250-tonne capacity and 70-metre main boom. The most compact crane in its class, it measures 14.49 metres long with 5-axle steering, independent rear axle steering, and excellent maneuverability for tight work sites. It has an SWL of 66.0 tonnes at 10-metre radius and SWL of 1.9 tonnes at a 66-metre radius. The AC 250-5 can achieve a max height of 101.8 metres, inclusive of the 33 metre offsetable hydraulic jib, and max radius of 78.0 metres. Its outrigger footprint is 8.4m x 8.86m.

  • The AC 300-6, which has a 300-tonne capacity and 80-metre main boom that can perform jobs at heights up to 78 metres. It can lift 15 tonnes to a hook height of 78 metres or 74-metre radius without rigging a jib. This six-axle crane is strong, versatile, and the smallest Demag AC crane with a luffing jib. It has an SWL of 86.9 tonnes at a 10-metre radius and SWL of 2.2 tonnes at a 74-metre radius. The AC 300-6 can achieve a max height of 119.9 metres and max radius of 86.0 metres with luffing fly installed. Its outrigger footprint is 8.48m x 8.68m.

Sarens crew with their new cranes: AC 130-5, AC 250-5, AC 300-6

Sarens crew with their new cranes: AC 130-5, AC 250-5, AC 300-6

These three workhorse cranes are currently supporting East Coast projects in Australia with a focus on those in Queensland’s Isaac Region where the coal sector is booming. These projects are handled by Sarens’ recently opened branch in Dysart Central.

Jason Perry, Tadano Sales Manager for the QLD/NT/PNG territory, describes the process that fostered the sale of these All-Terrain Cranes and how they met the changing needs of their long-time customer.

Representatives from Sarens and Tadano discussed Sarens’ plans to set up new depots on the Australian East Coast and explore different markets and opportunities. All brands were considered in the process, but Tadano’s existing relationships with multiple representatives helped secure the deal.

Perry described how larger contracts like this can require specialist input from various elements across the Tadano organization: “Initially, our National Sales Manager James Greenwood spoke to his contacts at Sarens. As these conversations developed, it became more of a team effort. Input was required from Howard Dean, our Heavy Lift Sales Manager, and I also lent a hand. Between us, we were able to work with the Sarens team to get the deal over the line.”

Beyond existing relationships, Tadano’s reputation for high quality and attentive service and support gave Sarens confidence in their choice.

Arkinstall discussed this level of confidence: “Given our assets are working in remote locations, the support and backup service we receive is very important for us when making the decision to purchase new equipment. At any time, we can be running these machines on day/night rotations for long periods of time. We need to have assurance that support is available at all times. We know the Tadano Group can provide this level of support and we look forward to progressing the relationship with the Tadano team in the near future.”

Perry pointed out the support Arkinstall described meant leveraging Tadano’s comprehensive assets from parts and service to localized training.

“The new facility in Brisbane – including our spare parts department – were important factors for the Sarens team. They were able to see our renewed commitment to product support and after-sales backup. These cranes were going to be operating in some very remote areas and be worked hard, so we understood that Sarens wanted to feel comfortable that Tadano would be there if anything goes wrong,” he said.

Sarens also has a global specification for its cranes; this order came straight from the factory.

“The cranes were ‘specc’d up’ at the factory, painted in Sarens’ colours and sent out to Australia exactly the way they wanted them. When the cranes arrived, Sarens sent some of their team to our Brisbane facility for training, just before Christmas and early in the New Year,” Perry said.

Tadano and Sarens also share a primary focus on safety; each AC crane meets strict SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality) requirements.

“The relationship with Sarens is typical of how the Tadano Group does business,” said Perry. “First, we work hard to understand the customers’ business. Second, we listen to their aims and expectations for the equipment, which industries they plan to service, and ensure it is ‘spec’d’ to meet or exceed levels of compliance. Finally, we make sure we have the right levels of service and product support in place, ensuring the customer fully utilizes the newly acquired asset and begins to see an immediate return on investment.”

“The team at Tadano knew what we required to enter the markets that we are diversifying into with these cranes,” Arkinstall said, adding, “They have extensive knowledge of these markets and full understanding of the site requirements for the machines in terms of compliance and meeting regulations. This industry knowledge was invaluable and confirms we chose the right partner.”


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