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Tadano fleet grows in Algeria with first GR-900EX-4 delivery to Sarl Meliah Makoudi Services

Oct. 11, 2022

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Tadano’s presence in Algeria continues to grow, as longtime customer Sarl Meliah Makoudi Services recently took delivery of a GR-900EX-4 rough terrain crane. The company works with customers for a variety of handling and lifting jobs, currently managing a fleet of 11 cranes – 6 of which are from Tadano.

“We had great experiences with the previous Tadano purchases,” said Meliah Makoudi of Sarl Meliah Makoudi Services. The company already counts Tadano models GR-550EX, GR-600EX, GT-600EX, and two GR-800EX among their fleet; this is their first delivery of a GR-900EX-4, and the first delivery of this model anywhere in Algeria.

The GR-900EX-4 offers 90t of capacity and a main boom length of 12m -47m; the bi-fold lattice-type jib can expand reach up to an additional 17.7m. In addition, the high-performance AML-E ensures operational safety. It is ideal for the rig work for which Sarl Meliah Makoudi acquired the GR-900EX-4.

Major developments with the oil industry in Algeria are creating significant demand for cranes and other construction equipment. At the same time, the Algerian government currently prohibits the import of used cranes, boosting demand for newly produced units. The country is now one of the hottest crane markets on the African continent; all 11 cranes in Sarl Meliah Makoudi Services’ fleet are currently mobilized.

While the GR-900EX-4’s power and capacity were major factors in their purchasing decision, the need to be safe and reliable in an oil field, working on oil rigs, were even larger considerations.

“The main qualities that we look for are safety and reliability,” Mr. Makoudi noted. “Also, robustness – the fact that Tadano cranes rarely break down. We did not have any technical problems.”

Delivered on time, the GR-900EX-4 was immediately deployed to a rig in southern Algeria. Transport of the crane took place on a lowboy truck; the 1,000km journey and transfer took two days across the heat of the Algerian desert. A 4-person crew set up the crane after training from the distributor, Sarl Manyl Machinery.

“We have a really good relationship with the Tadano distributor. They were very involved and helpful all along,” said Mr. Makoudi said of the delivery process. “Everything was satisfying. We were kept informed on each step of the process when it was delivered and then had good support for installation and startup of the crane.”

On location, the GR-900EX-4 is mostly used on the rig for a variety of lifting and construction work, including drilling machines, containers, and other equipment. Some lifts took place in the wind and rain, but they proceeded according to the safety plan and have realized significant productivity regardless of the lift challenges or the weather.

“The GR-900EX-4 is a very reliable crane; easy to maintain and to operate,” he said. “As a user of Tadano cranes, we are very satisfied.”

Right: Mr.Lyes Rahmani - C.E.O, Sarl Manyl Machinery, Left: Mr.Melieh Makoudi - Manager, Sarl Melieh Makoudi Services

Right: Mr.Lyes Rahmani - C.E.O, Sarl Manyl Machinery, Left: Mr.Melieh Makoudi - Manager, Sarl Melieh Makoudi Services


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