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GEO-Transport & Construction expands Rough Terrain Crane fleet in The Philippines with delivery of new GR-1450EX models from Monark Equipment Corporation

Feb. 22, 2024

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The second Tadano GR-1450EX, recently delivered from Monark Equipment to Geo-Transport & Construction. In front of the crane stands Geo-Transport Owner Mr. Bryan S. Chona (center), Geo-Transport Fleet Manager Jim C. Loquero (left) and Monark Account Manager Ms. Maricon C. Maprangala (right)

It is a busy time in The Philippines for both Monark Equipment and Geo-Transport & Construction. Monark Equipment, Tadano’s distributor partner in the country, has been busy supplying customers with new cranes, training, and helping them fulfill their project needs. Longtime customer Geo-Transport & Construction continues to expand their fleet with the recent delivery of two new Tadano GR-1450EX models to complement their four GR-800EX cranes – also recent purchases - bringing their total fleet to 21 units. The cranes are mostly used for building erection and rehabilitation, placing girders on bridges, and assisting with moving rigs along with any work needed at construction sites or cement and processing plants.

Cherryville Baguio, Rental Equipment Supervisor for GEO Transport, discussed why they once again chose Tadano for their newest Rough Terrain Crane orders.

"Tadano Cranes, based on our experience as a service provider, provided the right tools and equipment to ensure client satisfaction with regards to mobility, durability and safety,” he said, “They provide technical support personnel to ensure and inform users and operators on the right procedure and handling of the equipment during commissioning. Monark is always involved in solving any issue with repairs and parts. They also help us minimize downtime by sending technical crew whenever needed.”

Delivery was reported on time with a clearly communicated process, according to Mr. Baguio.

The GR-1450EX has a 3-axle, compact carrier similar in width and height to Tadano's GR-800EX, which offers improved maneuverability and allows movement in smaller spaces while expanding lift capacity as high as 145t. The six-section boom is the longest in its class and features a lengthy 61m and max. 61.3m lifting height/56.0m load radius with a single telescopic cylinder. This allows Geo-Transport to keep up with increased lifting demands as their project portfolio expands.

“We have so many challenges regarding lifting activity,” he said. “We must consider all hazards like energized lines, weather, and ground stability. Most of our Tadano units are rough terrain and we have a strict policy to operate the crane on stable and firm ground surface. Operators are not allowed to pick and carry.” Mr. Baguio also noted Geo Transport normally assigns seven crew members for the Crane and Trailers on a given project.

“Geo-Transport always valued the safety features that Tadano programs on their equipment,” said Mr. Baguio. “Having Tadano and its support team as our partner giving us training and information, it will be safe to say that Geo will have no problem on whatever features, functions and designs that we will encounter in the future.” Tadano and Monark always send Technical Personnel to train supervisors and operators on the new features and proper handling and operation of a newly acquired unit. Geo Transport’s impression is that, Tadano and Monark its support team is the best tool for Geo Transport to provide services that complies with safety, reliability and productivity.

“Crane performance regarding reliability is very good,” he added. “So far we never have encountered any major breakdowns.”

Geo-Transport’s first Tadano GR-1450EX delivered by Monark, operating on a concrete girder launching project at the Mainit Bridge in Cebu City, The Philippines.

The logistical challenges of moving cranes from project to project in The Philippines, with often challenging terrain and territory spanning numerous islands, is not lost on the staff of Geo-Transport, Monark, or Tadano. “Most of the time, cranes here in the Philippines are loaded on low bed trailers from site to site leading us less concerns on registrations,” said Mr. Baguio, “Travel time depends on traffic, terrain, road conditions, weather, and distance. These are the primary problems that affect mobilization.”

The GR-1450EX has several “mounting and dismounting systems” (C/W, O/R, Aux Winch) for traveling and transportation. Only the boom mounting/dismounting system is optional.

“There are so many new cranes in the market that also serve the area where Geo Transport is engaged, but in my observation, Tadano units are designed best for ease of maneuverability, reliability, and productivity. Most of the new players are not compact and require more space to set-up and maneuver.”

Mr. Baguio also noted the after-sales support from Monark, saying “It is excellent. They always ask if we have encountered any problems with the new equipment and always informs us on time regarding updates and PMS.”

Geo-Transport continues their faith in Tadano cranes to help them achieve their work projects on time and on budget while adhering to the highest safety standards.

“To ensure a healthy business relationship with clients, we are committed to render services that will comply with standards and provide them the right tools and equipment to ensure safety and productivity for both parties,” said Mr. Baguio, “and based on our previous experienced and records, Tadano Cranes are the right choice for the job.”

Tadano and Monark remain ready to provide the highest quality cranes along with top-notch service and training for any future crane deliveries and Geo-Transport, Monark, and Tadano will work together for successful implementation of infrastructure and other construction projects across The Philippines.


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