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First Japanese Tadano GR-700EX-4 rough terrain crane reaches Europe

Jul. 27, 2021

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Tadano announced that it would be introducing the new GR-700EX-4, GR 900EX 4, and GR-1000EX-4 rough terrain crane family to the European market. And the company has kept its word: the first Tadano GR-700EX-4 from Japan arrived at the Tadano Nederland BV location in Purmerend.

“Our Sales team thinks it’s absolutely great that we get to offer these extraordinary cranes to our European customers effective immediately,” says Manager of Sales Europe, Mr. Stephan Goluch while commenting on the arrival of the GR-700EX-4 to the Netherlands. And his enthusiasm is not unjustified – after all, Tadano “Made in Japan” rough terrain cranes enjoy an exceptional reputation worldwide when it comes to reliability, performance, functionality, and ease of operation. “And now our European customers can also benefit from the advantages offered by the latest generation of these cranes. To put it simply, our rough terrain cranes are among the best that the market has to offer for jobs on difficult terrain,” highlights General Manager of Sales International, Mr. Futoshi Kimura who accordingly expects the new cranes in the GR family to sell very well.

The Tadano team in Europe could barely wait for the first GR 700EX-4 to get there and tracked its arrival to the Netherlands by using the location function of the satellite-assisted Hello-Net telematics system: “This allowed us to see when the crane arrived at the port. It was an incredibly exciting moment – it’s the start of a new Tadano sales era in Europe for us and our customers,” Tadano Service Adviser Hendrik-Jan Brands points out.

Compact, powerful, maneuverable – the GR-700EX-4

With its lifting capacity of 70 tonnes, the GR-700EX-4 is the entry point for the new Tadano rough terrain crane family. In terms of technology, however, it is absolutely on a par with its bigger siblings, and in fact sets new standards in a number of areas: The boom length of 47 meters and the lifting capacity of 70 tonnes at a radius of three meters are a class record. And it is also fast: Its synchronized telescoping system can extend the boom to a length of 35 meters in a mere 142 seconds. In addition, it features a particularly compact carrier and has a total height of just 3.82 meters. The crane’s 2-staged, bifold jib offers offset positions of 3.5˚, 25˚ or 45˚ from the main center boom line. This not only makes it possible to transport the new Tadano GR-700EX-4 rough terrain crane very efficiently, but also makes the machine particularly well-suited to tight work sites – especially in conjunction with the Tadano Smart Chart System, which dynamically determines the lifting capacity based on the position of the boom and outriggers. This enables it to provide the maximum available lifting capacity even at constrained locations where the outriggers cannot be extended fully. In addition, the GR-700EX-4 comes with the Hello-Net communication system as standard. This system continuously monitors the crane’s operating data, including its operating status, location, configuration, and maintenance. The matching Tadano Hello-Data Link smartphone app connects the crane to mobile devices, making it easy to conveniently access this data in real time.

Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany – May 25, 2021


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